Some threads I made advertising EMC

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  1. Perhaps less spam on them :)
  2. o3o
    What spam?
  3. I hate to tell you this, but you aren't supposed to create a thread for a server for which a thread has already been created on the Minecraft Forums. FDNY21 had made one, but there are currently issues with it, so you may not find it. Just letting you know, though. Trust me, I would've created a thread months ago if that first-place-stealing Fendy Roo hadn't beaten me to it. :p
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  4. Just go to threads that are looking for survival vanilla servers, post a reply with a detailed and highlighted description. Also include you referral banner in there... I'm going to start doing that soon...
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  5. Making threads that could be mistaken as official when one already exists is a REALLY good way to annoy PMC/MCF staff. :(
  6. Ten consecutive posts w/ no other people talking?

    I admit I'm bad at not-constantly bumping, but I do within reason and stop sooner.

    EDIT: Probably should try to take them down, Might really trip someone up..
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  7. FDNY21's old minecraft forum thread was the same thing, pretty much nobody but him responded to the
    Besides, I don't think there is any planet minecraft threads about EMC
  8. *FaceDesk*
  9. Not sure why you're doing that, I had posted that before he said it.
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  10. Yeah, I'm coming from the same side you are; I'm facedesking because he didn't read your post (Or did, but then still said that nobody found it).
  11. My Minecraft Forums thread was taken down a few days ago - the affiliate links/referral links are not allowed on Minecraft Forums according to a Moderator that told me the other day there! :( Not sure if this is a new rule or not but I guess that makes the referral link illegal on that site; the Moderator removed it from my Signature too. Not sure why this rule is in place as it seems a bit silly but maybe somebody else will have a clearer explanation than me.
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  12. That sucks :( How are you going to be the number one referrer again? xD
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  13. Well that's the thing - I probably won't, after a 4 month 1st place streak in both categories. It's a shame but I am glad to have helped people to EMC, and may start doing so again on other sites sometime, but for now other people do have a chance! ;)
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  14. I would love to see the staff team that thinks that was the right thing to do. It seems insane that they would go so far as to completely delete the thread. I'd honestly consider trying to appeal it somehow, as the only links not allowed are "affiliate" links, which ours aren't.
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  15. Well actually... advertising in its own-right 'is' commercial activity... because it's drawing in customers to a server where someone may ask for money ... which may be considered eliciting.

    The only exception that may be argued against is whether or not the organization you are advertising is non-profit...

    - So if you do try to advertise, say " It's for the reason of drawing in new members, not for gaining profit. "
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  16. Thanks Rainbow, I will try to appeal it!
    Will add this also - thanks :)
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