Some seriously funny bugs, Please fix ASAP

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Erektus, Sep 12, 2015.

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  1. I don't know if these are updates or bugs..? Can anyone let me know if they are so I can request this thread be closed.

  2. It's not even in the right font... nice try. :rolleyes:
  3. nice photoshops
  4. The second one isn't a result of typing in /r or /rupees. If anything it looks like a residence message, but residence messages typically have the double arrow thing (the technical term of course) in front of the message.

    I'm assuming the 1st one is photoshopped or something, the line "Server locked until daily vote is confirmed" doesn't line up with the line above it. The odd thing is that it's about a space to the left, rather than to the right.
  5. Not to worry folks, the contribution team is on it!

    Because Aikar is most likely still asleep (or so I hope) we kinda hacked into changed the server (it was all for the greater good, honest!) and found the source which created these obnoxious messages. It was a little hard to decipher Chickeneers font and color codes but we made due and I think the result is decent enough:

    Apologies to staff, here's hoping we don't get thrown out of the team again. Oh, by the way: please ignore those last rupee transactions; that was just a test :p
  6. Very punny very punny but of course did not fool me
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  7. It's not the "wrong font" It's called a resource pack.
  8. The font on top is different than the font on the bottom.
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  9. No it's not.
  10. Even a resource pack won't move the 2nd line all the way up to the front, normally they're neatly aligned no matter what different font the resource pack uses.

    Also; normally the fonts of the blue section (end of first line) and the second line are the same. This is also independent of any resource pack. In the picture which the OP shared they're obviously different, just look at the v's and the o's.

    Picture or it didn't happen:

    This is a resource pack, and as we can all see the 2 fonts which need to be the same are still the same. Even though they're totally different from vanilla.

    Conclusion: a resource pack wasn't involved.
  11. So you're telling me that this font

    is the same as this font..

  12. Closing threads since isn't a bug or anything to fix. Please don't create threads that are false its basically false reporting.
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