Some photography!

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  1. So Yesterday my family went to whats called The Santa Train in Virginia and I got this while my brother was walking the tracks. :) My family loved it so I know most of yall will. ....jpg
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  2. Quite like rails in Poland.
    I was working for company 14 years, that was doing subjobs for Polish Rails so i got my fair share of rail walking lol.

    EDIT : we mostly have concrete rails base, but wodden is likely to find in some places ;)
  3. Nice! Although: "I got this while my was walking"
  4. Bro do you even use my grammar XD
    Thanks for telling me XDD
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  5. I want to go to other places taking as many photos but *Sigh* I am a mere kid
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  6. Don't worry, you still have plenty of time in future. Just do what you like the most :)
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  7. I will definitely, I am not quite sure what I want to do for a living so :D Tons of ideas though
  8. Pssst..
    that was in Virgina....
  9. Pssst..