Some of the sounds are different...

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  1. I noticed that some of the sounds in the game were different today, like when opening chests and doors, and Ghast explosions I think.

    Has anyone else noticed that?

    Was there an update or something that made them different?
  2. Lots of people were talking about it on smp2, but i play with sound off most of the time, so didn't notice anything
  3. Yea chest sound are very very different, its like they are iron chests instead of wood 0_O
  4. u guys r weird .... nothing different for me
  5. You haven't noticed any difference? That is weird. I wonder what's up with that?

    Which client are you using Starcraft, the original Minecraft one or Spoutcraft?
  6. Original mincraft FTW!
  7. I definitely noticed. I use Spoutcraft.
  8. WHO THE HELL MESSED UP MY SOUND FILE!!!?!?! I used original minecraft. I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS AN AUTO-UPDATE FUNCTION WDF MAN! Now the sound is hurting my ear. Especially the screeching part
  9. Oh wow awesome. I thought these new sounds were only coming in 1.0.
  10. hahaha
    This is probably them gearing up for the release, if they release it all together it might be too big an update.
  11. i noticed the same thing
    door/chest sound, egg throwing sound are different
    i also checked the single player --> same thing! different sounds
  12. It is an auto-update in the minecraft.jar file :) It was able to sneak by most people because it was a small change.
    You will notice it is in SMP as well as SSP and Creative mode.
  13. I'm not particularly fond of the new chest/door sound myself. It's kind of screechy and I could see it getting irritating after a while.

    I wonder how hard it would be to change that.
  14. It may be possible to pull the old sound files out of an older version of minecraft.jar, however I am not 100% sure how to block the code that causes them to update through the client either...
  15. Honestly I had no idea that MC had sneak updates like that. Kind of bothers me when software does that....
  16. Bothers the heck out of me too, I haven't found much information yet, however it is being discussed heavily on the Official Minecraft Forums.
  17. The new sounds suck. Why can't Notch just leave us alone? We will update when we want to.....
  18. I like the update, kinda makes the game fresh. :)
  19. I personally like these new sounds, but I can see them getting annoying really fast. It seems that these sounds are only coming from spoutcraft though. My normal Minecraft seems to be using the same sounds as normal.
  20. I have proof that the sounds did in fact make it into the game without any warning.
    Jeb posted on Twitter the following information, "And yes, @notch is adding new sfx. Some of these are already activated in 1.8.1"
    I pulled this off of the Minecraft Monday video, available at the Official Minecraft Forum.
    Pause the video at 3:23 to view the snipped feed.
    I have included the video below for quicker viewing:

    Bebopvox also gives a quick little commentary on the addition of new sound effects in game.