Some of my earlier buildings on other servers.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to show you some of the buildings i made on other servers.
    javaw 2011-10-30 19-22-22-24.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-22-45-84.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-25-26-10.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-25-35-63.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-25-50-52.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-27-16-10.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-27-22-12.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-27-33-32.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-27-45-36.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-27-59-55.jpg
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  2. javaw 2011-10-30 19-28-05-55.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-28-13-52.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-30-03-30.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-30-22-08.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-32-16-85.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-32-26-93.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-35-53-85.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-36-08-40.jpg And some more
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  3. And the last. Please, i would love to hear your reactions to my creations :) javaw 2011-10-30 19-30-45-23.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-31-02-49.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-31-26-10.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-31-47-11.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-33-17-26.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-33-37-63.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-35-28-83.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-35-47-23.jpg
  4. Oh WOW Eclipsys!!

    Those are amazing!

    I especially like the one on the top.

    This is some admirable work!

  5. These are all great! I think I like the one on Lava the best.
  6. That dome took me so much time, i was glad i got money and glass donations from fellow players, and the admin was so nice to get my water fixed :)
  7. That took a bit of copy pasting, coz the main build was my home on the Xyphir server, and then i started thinking about adding a hovering part to it
  8. All those buildings took legit mining time/oven time/digging time. Only the copy pasted Fire Temple main building wasnt re-made, but copy pasted :)
  9. javaw 2011-10-30 19-49-14-25.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-49-20-92.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-49-34-42.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-49-38-76.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-49-48-39.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-49-54-37.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-50-31-21.jpg javaw 2011-10-30 19-50-49-79.jpg
    And i nearly forgot the part of the hovering palace, that i was trying to combin with my home, and the insides of my home. =D
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  10. Very very impressive. Not one thing on here did I not go "Wow" to. :)
  11. Wow, just wow! These are insane, I am truly humbled! My best creation ever was a floating spire city surrounded by an anti-gravity ring in the middle of an ocean, but even that pales to what you have just shown us!
  12. Im a builder that likes to build big/bigger/biggest/huge/insane =p and even a lil bit above that xD. The fun part is trying to get everything right as u pictured it in ur head. And then trying to get the right resources to build it =p. My residence on EMC is another version of my home on Xyphir, a dome with water :)
  13. I can totally relate... especially the part about getting everything as it is envisioned.

    I love the creative process involved in building!

  14. Thats why I found this nice quote of albert einstein: Imagination is more important than knowledge. And the part where i show my work to the people, it gives me alot of satisfaction
  15. Insane! It's absolutley amazing! Great work Eclipsys!
  16. *faints at awesomeness*
  17. holy @#$(@ ! #%

  18. wow indeed
  19. These are realy impressive!