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  1. Hi! I hope someone will be willing to answer some newbie questions for me.

    Is there a better way than /v +mall and /v +shop to find things I need to buy? Using those, I either get taken to stores that say "closed" or to stores that don't have what I'm looking for. It's just too random. There has to be a better way?

    Is the waste the only place we can collect water?

    On another server I tried, there was a place in town to safely collect wheat and wood and you were just expected to replant, leaving extra saplings and seeds in a chest or dispenser for others. Is there something like that here, or do we have to go out to the wastelands for food and everything else (or buy them if you can find them for sale).

    Is it ok to kill chickens, sheep, etc. that are wandering in the Frontier? And I keep accidentally picking up eggs while walking around the portal areas. There's lots of chickens at those for some reason, and eggs inside the portals. Is that ok?
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  2. Welcome to EMC! With the malls and shops, I normally just find one that I like and get used to it :) One good mall I know of is /v +poof on smp2. It sells almost everything ;) There is not an official place to collect wood or wheat, but you can always plant some on your residence. That way, people will not be able to grief it, and you will have it all to yourself :)
    In the frontier, yes, it is ok to kill animals and mobs. The only exception is that if there is a house or property with the animals fenced in. And Finally, yes, it is ok to pick up the eggs inside the portals :)

    Hope I helped, have a good time here on EMC! :)
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  3. Hey there!

    To find player shops the easiest way is to use the /v +shop tag, although if you try talking to players on whatever SMP you call home, there's usually at least one mall which is always open and filled with things. If you can't find it in that mall, maybe try looking on another SMP and vaulting it back home using the /vault feature.

    You can collect water in town by making an infinite water source, do this by first digging a 2x2 block hole, then place two water source blocks (Using buckets) in opposite corners of the box. You can now use the rest of the box to fill your buckets and get water :)

    You can farm on your own res, but I believe some servers have public farms. Personally I find farming on my res the easiest way as there are no mobs and no one to destroy your crops (Unless you give them perms) :p

    You can kill free roaming mobs in the waste and frontier, although if they look to belong to an outpost in a frontier and you have not been given permission to go there, do not kill the mobs. If they are hostile, you can kill them!
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  4. Thanks! That reminds me of 1 other dumb question I had meant to ask - how do I know which server my res is on?
  5. No worries! If you hold tab it should show you all the people who are online on your server, and also what SMP you are on :)
  6. Great, thank you!
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  7. Nony pretty much covered it :) But one thing I learned over time on my own smp was where the best shops and public farms were located through word of mouth. You could always ask in town chat and see what the native SMP'ians (is that even a word?) say about it. Sometimes it's a matter of opinion, but you're likely to find a good shop or farm nonetheless :) Good luck! (P.S. smp9 is the best! lol.)
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  8. Depending on what it is you're trying to buy you could also use the item as a tag. For example, if you're looking for horses you can try: /v +horse. It doesn't always work, but many players often don't go beyond tagging their residence with 'shop' which leaves a lot of stuff open.

    But nothing beats asking in town chat about some of the available shops on a server. Also, on SMP2 I have a (small) "shop teleport wall" set up in my residence (/v 3544, step in and look to your left) which has some of the shops which I personally frequent most. All those shops have been around for quite a while and they also won't be going any time soon.

    Waste and frontier as the best places. But if you need water then there's an easy trick:

    Dig 3 holes next to each other (so a line of 3). Place 2 water blocks into the outer ends (so using a bucket) and voila.. The middle has now become an infinite block. The moment you get water from it then the other two blocks will create a new one.

    This is not a rule or anything but a rule of thumb: personally I only kill mobs in the wastelands and not the Frontier. That's not saying its not allowed, but you can never be fully sure if a mob belongs to someone or not. So I usually don't bother at all.

    This becomes different if the area you're in is your own or shared with you (like an outpost).

    But my advice would be to head over to the wastelands if you want to do your share of hunting for mob drops.

    That is the revenge of the chickens :D

    Once upon a time there was this chicken on EMC and it laid golden eggs(!). But its owner wasn't really happy with it because it could only lay one egg a day, and he really wanted more. He wasn't happy even though this golden egg was so special that he could easily got a million rupees for it, if he would have sold it. But he didn't because he figured that if he could auction those eggs then he'd get so massively rich that he could buy the whole town. SO he longed to get 1 DC of golden eggs and then destroy the EMC market.

    Some of his friends, his true friends, even suggested that he'd take the chicken out into the fresh air so that it might be a lot happier than inside a small cage. But yeah; that wasn't going to happen. What if that chicken would lay an egg without the owner noticing it?

    So in the end this guy devised a bizarre redstone contraption. Not only did it try to trick the chicken into believing that the day/night cycle went much faster, it also tried to shake it around a bit using pistons hoping that doing so would "shake" some eggs out of it.

    Well... in the end the chicken got so messed up that the server itself couldn't keep up anymore and it despawned :(

    Worse yet; the rulers of the land noticed in their logfiles that an entity has "just" disappeared and they immediately started to investigate this greedy player. Investigation showed that there might be something wrong with those golden eggs, so they were removed from the game in their entirety. 'No more'; the rulers said...

    But yeah, this didn't stop the chickens. Up until this day they really miss their golden friend, so chickens usually try to get into the water so that we can't reach them. The higher, the better. Especially if it sits on top of a portal, such as the outposts, where we can't reach nor kill them.

    And then the next part, the revenge of the chickens: to shower us in eggs hoping that one day it will completely fill up the world and flood us players out ;)

    That is why you see them around the outposts. Its their way of telling us that they're watching us every move an got plenty of eggs left to throw at us.

    Best to run while you still can :D

    Errrhm... I did it again, didn't I? ;)

    But yeah, that's why those chickens are there and it's perfectly OK to pick up those eggs. lolol, I still need to grin: my friend once overbid on a DC of eggs to try and troll me. That's when she found out that you can't use 'm on a res. without the build flag. But also that she could have gotten 'm easily from an outpost too. At one time she almost got 1 SC of eggs by simply visiting 2 outposts :)

    So... there you have it... tell all your friends :D
  9. One of the things that I used to do, is check out azoundria
    Now, I cannot comment on the accuracy, nor whether the lists are updated, but... was something that I used to go to when I wanted to know either average prices, or who would sell what items. Helped me find some of the harder things. So, hope it is useful to ya!

    But, what the others said too ;) You will get the hang of it!

    Remember, also if you are looking for smaller quantities, or easy things, asking once in town (don't beg) may have the generous players help you out also!
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  10. That's very helpful, thanks!
  11. On smp5 a good shop is /v shavingfoam
  12. If you find yourself at smp1 then you can go to " /v kytula" she has a great hub that have teleports to both malls and shops who specialize in diffrent items and much more, you May not find a shop that specialize in the particular item you're looking for every time but you can always check here residence out :)