Some new Eclipsys Creations :D [With epic shaders mod!]

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  1. Eclipsys in the house, with some new creations :D airship dock town.jpg castle town.jpg house.jpg part of town.jpg town by night.jpg town entrance.jpg
  2. First & Epic
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  3. Ever thought of hosting a server with all this on? Or just a basic one to show us it? And amazing work!
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  4. Techinacally you're second. XD Top this Eclip: I built a dirt house today! One day. Come at me bro. Also I would love to explore Flinthaven. I also like that you but the information is I believe dutch? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I am pretty sure all of that is on one public server, idk ask him :D
  6. Techinacally the dirt house joke is getting old..
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  7. It's on our server :p it's a spawn... well outpost thing.
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  8. Flinthaven is as Squizzel stated above, and outpost city of Medieval-Craft. Built by me and TheOlburgen, it is reachable with Aegis Airways (our balloon airship service) that transports the players to 4 outposts from which they can travel further into the wild =p
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  9. Pm me the Ip
  10. What do you call this masterpiece?

    Do you have this hosted or a Download or something? I'd like to explore all of it.
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  11. Awesome! Did you use the Chunky program to render them?
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  13. ah... didn't see that :p
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  14. all my ''masterpieces'' are there, and it's hosted on another server, you can actually live in Flinthaven :D
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  15. Some more pictures :D Aegis Grey & Flinthaven.jpg Aegis Grey & Mansion.jpg flinthalls front.jpg flinthalls.jpg Townhall & Market square.jpg
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  16. And heres a cinematic of the server spawn, built by me:

    --EDIT--: Just type Medieval-Craft spawn cinematic in Youtube, you'll find it easily =p
  17. You are an Architect. With a capital A.
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  18. Although I love it (The old one was rubbish) it in a way is a form of advertising with the IP being shown at the start of the video
  19. This is just absolutely amazing.
  20. oh, im not trying to advertise, just showing builds, lemme take down the vid then D:
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