Some Events in My Life, and Why I Won't Be As Active

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  1. Hey all, I just wanted you to know that I might not be on EMC for a while dealing with some family issues. If you're curious, here's what's up:

    My uncle has had various heart complications since his early 20's. Thankfully, he didn't have any for another 40-odd years after a major complication, but recently, at the age of 61, he went into cardiac arrest and was hospitalized about a week ago (from the day I posted this). He had just gotten a new job, that needed him to travel after he had to leave his job at IBM (which he had had for the last 30 years). He was stocking a store about 200-250 miles from my hometown, when he went into cardiac arrest, while also falling off of a ladder that he was on to check prices on a high shelf. At about 3:55, he was admitted to the [city that shall not be named] Regional Hospital, where he would stay for a week. My aunt, who was also hospitalized due to her leg, rushed to meet her husband. Unfortunately, yesterday, at 10:04 PM, on 10/4/14 my uncle passed away. While in the hospital, his children [who I will not name, for their sake] had been with him. These children of his, never have really cared about him much (due to him having them with another woman, but I won't get into that). The only time they ever talk to him is when they need money or something similar. This wouldn't be much of a problem, if this didn't happen: They never wrote a will. That means that anything that isn't in my aunt and uncle's name, could be taken by the children, or possibly even have to go to court. So, really, nobody knows where this is going, or what's going to happen.

    As you can see, there's a lot going on in my life, and I may not be as active as I have been. I would also like to thank everyone for their support that I have already been given. I hope to see you all soon!
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  2. Good luck, don't let things get you down. Sorry to hear about your loss.
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  3. Sorry for your loss. Family can become quite cruel when money is involved. My Grans will is just about to be settled after 15 years! Keep your head held high and know in your heart that your Uncle loved you :)
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  4. It's good that you keep your priorities straight, this for sure if more important than what you're doing at EMC :) I hope all goes well :)
    (Well, not all will go well, but I hope enough will go well ;))
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  5. hope you get back soon. Sorry for your lose my friend!
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