Some Creativity of Good Old' Foxy

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by ConductorConduit, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. This thread is just me posting of the builds I created or finished.

    Comment if you wish but DO NOT post your Creative builds in this thread.
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  2. 2015-06-10_13.43.57.png
    Good old fnaf can brighten my spirits any day :p
  3. 2015-06-10_16.43.32.png
    Ahhh my projects over in smp6 :p
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  4. which resource pack?

  5. This is a resent build by my service. This is luckycmsuic45's rebuilt res.
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  6. First Rebuild ever from my services! This is DeathPunchKitty's residence
    2015-06-11_13.56.03.png 2015-06-11_13.56.11.png
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  8. The love Barn @18530 on smp9

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  9. I forgot my pixel art :p
  10. My house foxy? >_>
  11. Erm... I had no time to post it. I am on my phone atm and cant post the pictures :/

  12. Something to show soon :p
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  14. All of the builds are awesome foxy :D
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