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  1. Not sure if any of you have noticed this but I am seeing multiple ads for other Minecraft servers popping up... I don't know if there is anyway to stop this but I thought you guys might want to know.
  2. I'm seeing ads of clothes webshops... :p
  3. Such as this Ad for Legion of Anarchy. Which seems completely opposite to EMC

  4. Hey guys guess what, Firefox adblocker FTW!
  5. I get ads for Chinese dating sites...
  6. Google adsense works on what you visit often. Whatcha been up to sir?
  7. I'm pretty sure looking at Chinese dating sites is NOT what I have been looking at. I go on EMC, Youtube, Memebase, and Tasteofawesome.
  8. It works on sites of the same genre, Like if I went to facebook all day I'd be Myspace adverts.

    Like right now I have an ebay because I often go to amazon.
  9. I don't go on anything to do with dating. Now, back on topic...
  10. Yeah I just thought that If Justin could save some money. Instead of buying more servers he could get rid of the ads here.
  11. Doesn't JustinGuy get payed for the ads on the page?? That's how I thought it worked.
  12. I thought to?
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  13. He gets paid per click, I think. But they will actually charge a fee if they get tons of bogus clicks, so don't click it unless you legitimately want to visit that site.
    Oh, and I get a mix of Russian, Chinese, and Italian dating sites. The other day I saw an ad for a sperm bank and I thought "Whaaa?" I also get a lot of gaming sites like WoW, and I've seen SWTOR once or twice. But haven't seen ads for MC servers yet. Just places where you can buy one.
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  14. You realize it costs money to keep every single server online too, correct? He needs all the money he can get.
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  15. I do, but I also think that if he can afford so many servers with all the supporters he might be able to remove the ads. If this is impossible or not good for the server than I withdraw my complaint.
  16. The ads bring IN money, not take it away. And plus, who would want to go from here to another server, anyway?
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  17. People who are smoking or using nasty things
  18. I get adds for "sexual activity" it is inappropriate and disgusting
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  19. If you find ads like that, screen cap them and send them to Justin.
  20. I use a ad blocker but you have to click them to make them go away and I like to see what they have to sell me lol xD I had one once where it was selling me free money lol?!?!