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  1. Hey EMC! So today I am selling my regular dragon egg! there is a chest shop at 15333 with the egg in it being sold for 400k! :D so stop by and get the egg! first come first serve to get the egg. The normal retailers sell them for about 450k so this is a 50k discount on one of the most rare items in the game! :D thanks 2014-01-12_00.33.25.png
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  2. Normal as in original or ordinary/not original? I mean, is it one of the 10 or one that was gotten for selling one for 1r?
  3. ordinary ;) i would not sell it at 400k if it was original xD
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  4. I'd buy for 150 maybe
  5. haha no way :p they are worth way more...i am open to more offers but not that low xD
  6. Regular Dragon Egg is the most commonly referred to name for the ones which are not original ;) That is probably why 607 was confused, but for 607..
    This would be a regular :)
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  7. Ok so i am feeling a bit nice :p i lowered the price to 350k! woah! what a low price eh? :D
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  8. Bump :) this is a sweet deal!
  9. I have an offer for you, meet up with me sometime today.
  10. can you shoot me a pm? that is the easiest way to discuss ;)
  11. I'm online right now, much easier if you can log online :)
  12. Thanks for le baby dragon :rolleyes:
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