Solar Flare

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  1. Anyone else hear about the solar flare coming for Earth? You may want to find an alternate source of power soon.
  2. don't worry, the aliens will save us.
  3. Its going to visit?
  4. yes... People say the 2012 thing is the end of the world.. nope it is going to be a solar flare in fact in 2029 ( I believe ) There is suppose to be a huge meteor coming through the atmosphere and because of the extreme heat and pressure it will explode into multiple entities and will come crashing all over the world. <-- This is supposedly going to wipe out the human race and if not all of the humans are dead then they will die soon of starvation. I watch discovery channel and some other channel... I forget :confused: but there is a show called "The Universe" I love space ^_^.
  5. So which is it. The solar flare or meteor?
  6. Every decade or so there is a doomsday theory that gets spread among the people. Nothing has happened yet.
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  7. it's going to be a huge meteor that crashes into the sun, it makes a big splash causing a massive solar flare which visits earth and checks if we are using renewable energy, if so, it will leave us be, if not well it will probably melt the ice caps and drown us to death.

    but don't worry. the aliens who planted the seeds of humanity all those millions of years ago, will return in their pyramid/spaceships and rescue us and take us to a new planet with large fields of wheat and trees for shade.
  8. I'm sure i've seen this somewhere before...
  9. yes, i'm sure you have. i saw it in the movies which means it must be true.
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  10. Well everyone should know by now that the government uses movies for plausible deniability.
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  11. Solar flare in 2012
    meteor in 2029
  12. Why people make doomsday theories we will never know.
  13. Nothing is going to happen.
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  14. WE'RE GOING TO DIE!?! I LIVED SUCH A SHORT LIFE!!! I RATHER DIE OF STARVATION JUST TO LIVE LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! :( :eek::mad:
  15. I wouldn't worry about any of this because I read on another thread from a reliable source that Skynet will be taking over soon.
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  16. Not trying to sound rude, but that won't happen.
  17. Someones been reading Dashner's 'Pre-Pre release' of The Scorch Trails xD
  18. Um....wrong. A group of college kids at ITT tech programmed an AI routine that, although wasn't technically "Self aware", did start to reprogram the unix box it was on and started creating from scratch, new sub routines to accomplish unexpected tasks. The one computer networked through it was even compromised THROUGH a firewall (cheap home version router firewall but either way) by a trojan-like program. Imaging if that thing was release onto the public and had access to the internet! Google it, happened mid last year.

    never say never my friend. never.
    By the way I am JUST
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  19. You guys know why the mayan calendar is wrong? It's because they haven't counted leap years on their calender. Leap years were started back in 45 BC. So technically we were supposed to be dead like 7 months ago but look at me. I'm alive :p. Guys don't take the end of the world stuff seriously. I just hope we aren't scaring anyone who actually believes the world will end.
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  20. Either way, sounds like well be killed off before Y2037 happens... good, so we dont need to work towards 64bit then!