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  1. So since I've been banned from EMC, I have been playing more Single Player and have built a pretty nice world, which includes a sheep farm. Now here I was, slaughtering sheep for food and when I think I've gotten them all, I see this baby sheep in a corner all alone, it was the only one to survive. For some reason it struck me that he was special so I built him his own little pen which he will be forever protected from death. :D

    and since he was just a baby, and baby mobs usually stay close to the grown ones I decided to stay with him until he had grown up into a big sheep.

  2. Touching.
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  3. Fixed.
  4. Breaking news! Nccoryg is a sheep! ;)
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  5. It's them daddy instincts kicking in already :p
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  6. I feel the same way about baby slimes, but then sometimes I blow them up with tnt.
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  7. Baby slimes are adorable. In my opinion xD
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  8. I would rename all of them if I could, just so they wouldn't despawn.
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  9. Still looking for a name and a name tag for em. :D
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  10. How did you get banned?!
  11. You got banned
  12. */p nccoryg*