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    The Socialist Republic of Sociopolis is a nation in the SMP9 wilderness.

    This nation has existed under various names but is commonly known as New Holland.

    Our borders include Volt to the south, Wrem to the North.

    We are a socialist dictatorship with priorities of citizen's rights and equality.

    We operate under a society that enables everyone the guarantees of ability to make rupees.

    We have many systems in place to ensure that equality is maintained.

    We are not established and cannot be established because of the Empire Wild Policy, however we will be established (unofficially) through the New Alba Union (a union of Wilderness nations in the SMP9 wilderness frontier.

    Our nation consists of a one party government which is in place to meet the needs of the people and of the workers.

    The Sociopolis Marxist Labor party is the place to go if you are in need of rupees or any sort of economic help in-game.

    Our country has factories where you may work for the government in various jobs and will be paid a salary.

    We emphasize activeness within the nation and also loyalty to the nation.

    Form for Joining

    Occupation you want (Miner, Farmer, Government, etc.):
    How active you will be:
    Flag design submission: (optional)

    Long Live the Socialist Republic of Sociopolis...

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  2. No offense, but using the words "socialist" and "dictatorship" doesn't liken you towards the American audiences. :p
    Just stating something, assume no correlation with my personal beliefs/opinions.
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  3. What about the great British audience! We also are the same ;) jokes just call it a democracy... Seems legit enough...
    *don't take this seriously in any way :p*
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  4. Don't like socialism? Then get off da thread! Lol ;)
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  6. Schedule not accurate. I need to study for a test
  7. Best of luck with this project Hacksaw. I have not abandoned the outpost movement, but I'm very very busy right now. Don't think I've left again anyway!