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  1. Notice anything different?

    Also, what server should be new res be on? I don't want it on Utopia, and not on SMP3, as my main res is there.
  2. Gah! I was wrong!

  3. Also, could I get the directon to slime town?
  4. Smp2

    EDIT: Meet on utopia
  5. smp8. where the awesome people are.
  6. Now, can anyone point me towards Slime town?

    Never mind, found it.
  7. We need a new player on smp6
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  8. *Stares Intently*
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    Nope, nothing new to me!
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  9. My new res is on 6!
  10. I obey the llama
  11. yessss feel the dark side
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  12. Ewww no I'm not touching a wrinkly old man.
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  13. I'm not allowed gold supporter. I bought 2 games this month. A £30 and a £5 one. Maybe next month...
  14. Ya know, the red uber doesnt help...