So when the name change is put into the game and it's safe to change it on EMC, is anyone going to?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. I'll probably end up changing mine to Dr_Dance_Dance_Revolution.
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  2. Yes. Though, it will not be this account.
  3. Isn't that too long?
  4. prolly is too long xD
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  5. Implemented or not, i'm having to change mine... I "Can't" wait, or someone else will get it...
  6. What is it? I could change it on my alt to reserve it for you, you would just have to wait 60 days :p
  7. I will find a way, the glorious surgical dance moves must be brought to the Empire.
  8. I'm fine...

    It's not the act of 'me' doing it is the problem... it's the time-span of implementing it on emc that will cause the issues.

    priority is changing owners of residences from usernames to uuids

    derelict time frame and supportership conversion

    next would be voting

    vault inventories

    website names/login

    permission checking

    then rupees and token transfers

    access signs/locked signs

    player settings

    /p changes

    The main concern is people able to change their names and keep their residences and voting streaks... rupees and tokens can be refunded, permissions and signs can be manually updated....

    If I can convince staff, i'd move the residence to a free res on an account i'm not renaming ... then i'll unclaim the residence and reclaim it ... my uuid will always stay the same, but I might have to manually update my username, by reclaiming and replacing things, if it's not implemented on emc yet.

    Everyone is warning me to wait... but the name i'm wanting "Can't" wait... else i'll never be able to get it...

    I've been waiting 5 1/2 years for this name... so yeh.
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