So what does someone have to be to get this kind of favored treatment in EMC?

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  1. I have noticed some seeming double standards here in minecraft lately, seemingly coming in at the same time that new moderators have been being added, but it's not necessarily the same cause, may just be coincidence.

    Before the new mods, I was banned for five hours for saying (from maxarias) "something which could have been construed as a little rude"...
    I had said this in chat, quoted by max herself, which got me banned.
    This was what I said, the other person was being far more rude to me, and that is why I said these things, only what I said is posted here, because I do not want to start a fight over what the other person said or anything.
    This was weeks ago, all said and done, but it showed me (I thought anyway) what the standards were for rules everyone here has to follow are.

    And I have been reporting several people over the last week or so for FAR more blatant and intentional rule breaking which seems to just be completely ignored.

    Things mostly coming from AllMightyZee and MinerGirl007...
    like saying one word per line for ten lines in a row, all caps spam quite constantly, and things like "WELL F--- YOU" (exactly that, I didn't change the typing) and they get nothing for it. Not a ban, not a talking to, not a warning in public, not a kick, NOTHING. They have been doing this rather consistently every single time I see them on for the past week or so now.

    If I am expected to follow rules, and worry about being banned for 5 hours for "saying something which may have been construed as a little rude" crap like this had better be actionable too, but it sure as hell doesn't seem to be, and the seeming double standard which is appearing is REALLY making me angry.
  2. Minutes before you posted this, I kicked one of the mentioned players due to chat spam. And, judging by how the reports page looks, if you did report the players.. they were dealt with. That, or the reports were held and we didn't get a flag for the newer ones. If you see a player go without punishment, just PM a Moderator on the website. :)

    Screenshots are good here, too.
  3. I strongly suspect(ed) the reports were ignored, or thought inactionable, or such. Apparently, I was correct, which only serves to strengthen my disdain for the current inconsistencies in the current system.
  4. I also kicked one of the players you mentioned, shortly after the report was made.
  5. This kinda proves my point...
  6. What, that each mod may react differently to a given report at a different time? We aren't robots. There are standards, but a lot of the time, it's a judgement call based on the history of a particular player.
  7. I'm just curious as to what we're supposed to do if we do PM mods and it seems nothing is still done? I had an incident once where someone was advertising their server to me and I reported them and PMed the two mods online at the time and nothing was done. I was confused but just went on with it.
  8. Panda, if something like that happens, be sure to include that the infraction occurred in a /tell, so we know where to look. A lot of times, if a report is not clear and I'm not able to contact the player in game, then it has to sit, or all we can do is make a note.
  9. The way I see it is that if people are doing things they aren't supposed to, they'll get what's coming to them eventually. Just /report and move on. Also, if someone's being rude to you don't be rude back even if it's to a lesser degree. That's like fighting a fire with gasoline and you'll both end up getting burned in the end.
  10. Alright Thank You Margaritte. I had provided a screenshot of the incident as well. I just figured that maybe because it was a tell it was excused.
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  11. Note that our inboxes get extremely overrun as mods and even more so as Sr Staff... So it can sometimes be buried.

    I'm now at a point it can take me 2-3 days to get back to you...

    anytime you PM evidence, ensure you add at least 5 different staff to it and bump it if you get no response.
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  12. This has been stated in the past and I'll do it again here so we don't have a repeat of another long drawn out debate. We handle all reports in the same fashion. What we do isn't always seen in the front end as sometimes it's as simple as making a "note" in a person's account to watch them for later. You may see one person get x punishment for spam and someone else a different punishment. This likely means Person A and Person B have different histories of breaking rules. :)
  13. I know this gets said to often. But we are in fact players and people just like you. We do not wake up in the morning and open EMC and stay on until bed that night. Not everyday anyways. We have lives, and priorities just like any other person. Now that being said, you may see a double standard, but it is important to note that just because someone is not punished while you are on, does not mean a punishment is not issued. I temp-ban/ban players very often when they are not on due to mismatch in online time.

    Do I get every flag? Do I close every report? Do I catch every bad guy? No. Nor are any of the other staff members expected to do so individually. We work as a team. And I can guarantee you all flags are looked at. Yes, some things may treated a little quicker if a Moderator or Staff member is online at the time of the incident. At the same time, you should know that most bad things happen when the parents are gone. So, we count on you guys to make reports. We are not infallible. We may miss a report in the time frame needed to issue an appropriate punishment. However, if a player is found to have multiple important infractions, then no matter what time they play, or if that person is online or not, they will have the appropriate punishment handled.

    Now, all reports you deem important, bring them up, but you should prioritize. Not everything you think is breaking a rule, actually is. That is not said to discredit anyone's report. It is said so that you understand that every report must be researched. You send me a report that someone was swearing in chat. I have to look at the time the report is made (most are picked up in the first hour if not earlier). Then search the chat logs for an infraction. Its not just "Oh, he was reported /ban". While we love and trust our players, we do not want to punish someone who did not earn it. So its an innocent until proven guilty kind of thing. Every Staff Member handles every situation a little differently. While we have a pretty standard escalation of force kind of guidelines, it is very different to be online and watch the full context take place, than to just look a screen and try to figure out exactly how hurtful it was and that matter.

    We do not ignore your reports. We do not have a double standard. I am sorry that in your situation you believe you were wrong. But you mentioned two players names who have both been disciplined by moderators after you reported them. Which, if that was supposed to prove a point, I missed it, because it was handled exactly like it should have been.

    It is not far beyond the realm of possibility that a Staff Member makes a mistake. You should always be aware that we are people, and we do try our best. We give the full amount of effort a group of people who have to prioritize this job so you can have the best gaming experience we can offer. I am personally sorry that at this incident we did not meet your standards. But we do try our best.
  14. I think several of you misunderstood what I was trying to say.

    At the risk of stepping on toes, I will be very blunt here.

    These people have been breaking rules far more than I ever did, and in far worse a "rude way" than I ever did, and I had reported them both many times for such... and they got nothing for it until today, which was far less than I got back when for my first infraction which at least to me seemed to be far less of such. I listed mine in verbatim in order to try to give a better / more precise feel for this.

    In my mind, either my punishment was overly harsh or theirs is overly gentle, and I was trying to find out which was the case so that I knew what to expect here in the future.

    I never expected nor do I expect perfection out of anyone, as someone who has been a computer technician and dealt with end users in the computer industry I know how it can be, but this has definitely got me thinking something is up here, and I needed clarification on just what to expect here and how "on eggshells" I am to be while logged in.

    By this I mean, I happen to have high functioning autism, very very close to asperger's, if anyone happens to know what that is - so I only understand, see, and type things in a literal sense, which is not how most people see or type things. Neurotypical people (people without this problem) often if not always expect anyone and everyone to be able to do that which they take for granted, ability to see, comprehend, and weave meaning between the lines into everything they say and read... People with this problem cannot, and must apply a great deal of mental effort on trying to figure out what and how things could be taken that we only ever mean literally, and thus are walking on eggshells trying to do what others do innately without even thinking about it. I want to relax and play a game here like everyone else, and do so with others instead of completely alone on my own world. Socialization is very much a need of every living being, but it is incredibly difficult to pick up the subtleties for those with this problem like me. It's a HELL of a lot of work to do this and very stressful, and I just wanna play the game like everyone else. With this information, I can qualtify an exact measure and apply it to all of my thoughts when deciphering the hidden language others know innately, which takes a huge load off of the amount I and others like me have to calculate. It is far, far easier to calculate for known quantities than it is to calculate for many possible variances and then try to calculate which one is in affect.
  15. What iSmooch said. The mods are not robots, they are people just like you. They don't have all the time in the world, but they definitely do have family. Your reports were possibly getting buried, or it's quite possible they were checking the history of that player, or no mod was online because they were with family or sleeping.

    Anyway, it appears that Crazy and Marg took care of your problem.

    They are not getting away with it, they are simply taking a longer time to be dealt with. Patience is a skill in life, and you need to use it sometimes.
  16. The lesson to take away from this, and this is something I've heard many times before, is that if a large chunk of players would stop using /report for stupid, pointless, and timewasting trivia, as well as flooding PM boxes with inane rantings, then maybe the real issues would get dealt with quicker.
  17. Well that is a huge problem too, but previously a big problem was that we were understaffed...

    Reports would FLOOD in on the weekends, making it very hard to process them (You know that "Holy crap thats alot, I'm going to go outside instead" feeling).

    Now we've added 4 more mods on, older ones have returned to being active, and now Maxarias and I are Sr Staff to help out with those tasks, the overall report queue is staying down low now.

    This means reports can be seen and handled a lot easier!

    But this is only now... In the future, I have something major planned (If you guys only know how many Idea's I've already got thought of... and of course more will come. I need clones) that will bring even more revolution to reporting and actioning.

    We will also post the reports of the moderation survey as soon as it reaches a certain number, but i'll give you a hint: Bad days are coming for rule breakers.

    We understand it was rough the past few months, between rule breaking and bugs, but things are getting back on track :)
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  18. Ok, so to put it into simple terms, don't use /report for stupid reasons like
    Instead only use report if it is 100% needed! For example:
    And if the person is spamming and cursing excessively. All you have to do is /report him ONCE and /ignore him.

    Now does anything need to be more clear than that?
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  19. Sadly after seeing like 5 people fail to follow instructions in a thread I was posting in, all the majority of the forum is going to see on this is:
    If the person is spamming and cursing. All you have to do is /report him him excessively and then post about it on the forums.
  20. I should make it more clear then!
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