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  1. So lately I have been do some research on gun control and some other things and I stumbled upon this short documentary about a second revolutionary war in America. After doing some research on the topic I found that there are many militias starting up all over the U.S. that are ready to fight the U.S. government. So I was wondering do you guys and gals think?
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  3. Oh god no. Not another one of these threads. I would strongly suggest shutting this down while you still can.
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  4. Mybthoughts exactly :eek:
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  5. Guns are about as controlled as they can get. You have to have a license to legally own one, and some people use them for wrong. They use them not to kill animals like pigeons etc., but to kill endangered/protected species and massacre people in schools, cinemas etc.

    If there are militias rising up in the US, then there are obviously many things wrong with how easy it is to get the licenses. I agree, it's too easy to get one. A few people in my year at school have gun licenses (for BB guns) but only really use them to shoot other people - because they think they'll join the army when they're older and go call of duty on someone else's butt.
  6. Worms - giant cans of them - you've opened them all.

    But seriously, each person is going to have a different viewpoint on these issues. I'm not so sure any reasonable debate can come from this, but I'll watch it and let it go until it becomes an issue.
  7. I'm going to assume that's a typo... videogames aren't the real world, and if people have gun licenses (not sure what you're referring to there - CHL maybe?) they certainly aren't shooting other people or we've got a problem...
  8. Lol, i'm tired. I meant to say they possess BBGuns (you need a license to own the ones they are using) and use them too shoot people in the legs or arms. The worst thing is there parents actually support them doing it. If I were to do that, i'd be grounded for a few months straight away.
  9. Maby there are referring to Airsoft guns, and the sport of Airsoft. A 6mm Airsoft gun dose not need a license in India or america ( the 2 countries i know of when it comes to airsoft laws)
  10. I believe that is the case / what he's talking about.
  11. BBGuns are used to maim and kill birds. They are also shaped like pistols.
    Airsofts are non-lethal and shaped like snipers, AKs, etc.
  12. I used to play a sport like that(Randomly with friends on the street). If you weren't wearing the armour.. Those things could did let you bleeding/lots of swallowing.
  13. you know what? im fine with that, as long as the only place affected is the shooting studio of honey boo-boo, and the mtv broadcast station. no kills, no, just ruined buildings >: D
  14. Exactly. Some of those kids have been expelled from school for causing serious accidents. Somebody had to have an operation because they were shot 3 times in the leg and it cut open an artery, and stopped the blood from pumping into their leg.
  15. Wow.. These seem to be a lot more potent that mine..
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  16. I have seen bb guns made to resemble golcks (a simi-auto hand gun for non gun people out there)

    I have killed a bird with my airsoft rifle.

    Me and my friends play in the wood near our house. Some other kids play in the streets to the point of going biking looks like a seen form mad max sometimes. having a non counseled airsoft gun in public is a crime ( Been there before, not fun) If you play it right and ware armor, and not let it desensitize you, it can be a fun "game".
  17. They are stupid. And they will all die.
  18. I'd rather this happen at the West-borough baptist church. HA!!
  19. Everyone dies.
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  20. that is a HUGE insult to me, for i am baptist