So this is what happens when you're gone for a week...

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  1. I've had more than that and only been gone for a few hours :)
  2. I've had 20 alerts, all from:
    "Equinox_Boss liked your post in *Thread name*"
  3. hehehe when I came back yesterday, I had 127 alerts, and over 20 inbox :p
  4. ahh oh my goodness howz u soo popular?!
  5. I forgot to disable EMC from sending me an email every time I get an alert/inbox. That a mistake for in 2 days I was spammed with Equinox_Boss likes..
  6. I've had over 5,500 emails from EMC. /spam folder
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  7. Wait a second how do you disable the emailing thing, like when you get emailed for ever alert, because I want to do that ._.
  8. I've had Jakres liking all my posts in the LLO thread :rolleyes:
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  10. I don't know.
  11. I remember once I had like 8 inbox and 78 alerts it happened when I left for like a weekend
  12. I Left For A around half an hour, then came back with 50 Alerts and 10 Inbox :eek:

  13. Aww yis!

    That was done by cddm95ace in under an hour. :p
  14. 4 alerts :(
    I also get more happy than I should do when I get an inbox haha
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  15. I haz 1 alert over a year :(
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  16. *Looks for screenshot of when Jakres gave me 312 alerts* Damn cannot find it! D: But you can ask jakres if you don't believe me :p