So this is what happens when you "endure the lag."

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hashhog, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. I went to smp5. I type /v mobarena. I walked straight forward, despite the fact that the chunks were just black, unloaded spaces. I just kept moving forward, though I was sinking downward through the blackness of the lagging chunks. When the chunks finally loaded, this is where I found myself, deep underneath the mob arena fighting area:

    Hooray for lag. :p
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  2. There's a way to get in without lag... It's...
    You really think I'd tell you that? Go find out! :p
  3. Yes, while in the pit I noticed one end of the passage. After a bit of searching, I quickly uncovered the other end.
  4. Oh god, you see that icc head, and what its on, I believe that its his Mech suit, armed with udders that shoot out acidic milk
  5. xD that made my day! xD
  6. This really makes me wonder about the stability of the cow! lol
  7. Well that was easy to find XD