So this is like, my fourth introduction?

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  1. Wassap people? This is your friend Devon here with like, his whole entire Minecraft story and life and such. Starting, now!

    So, I was playing with a friend when I was 9 years old, around when MC came out. So, we did that, and I used his account for a while. In 1.7.3 I got the guts and finally bought my own account. I derped a lot, made a crap ton of single player worlds, and it got too easy. Then I discovered Multiplayer. Man, I was hooked. I went on MCServerList, and found this place you call Empire. I joined, was REALLY inactive for a while, I even missed the launch of 2, because I was inactive. Fast forward!

    On smp1, I had a shop. I made good profits off of it, especially with the help of my friend coolninja98, who has since left. Eventually, when I learned about smp2, I migrated to there, and had several reses after switching between smp1 and 2. smp3 was launched, and I really didn't care. Then 4 and 5 were launched, and I dunno why, but it attracted my attention. So I moved to smp5. Fast forward!

    I left 5, went back to 1, left 1, back to 2, over to 4, then back to 2. I have since lived on smp2. I have been running some many operations, it's hard to keep track of. I have the Casino on 1, the enchant shop on 2, the shop on 9, and just life. Now to the whole story of my life and now and such.

    I'm 12 years old, May 18th, 2000. Young, I know. I live in Baltimore, MD and attend a local middle school. I don't get straight A's, but whatever. B's are good too. I am in the 7th grade, single (obviously), and play a LOT of sports. I have terrible eyes, almost legally blind, Growth Hormone Deficiency, and much, much more. Only 2% of my body is fat, and I can lift very much. Fast forward!

    Now to all the shout-outs and thanks!

    JackBiggin - I still have those tinfoil hats, just saying. But you've been there to here me go off in totally irrelevant tangents about tinfoil and melons.

    xI_LIKE_A_PIGx - Oh, I dunno what to say. I remember you being a little piglet, and the first member of The Slime Team.

    PandasEatRamen - Oh, you were there for all my crazy ideas, and you accepted them. Thanks :)

    battmeghs - I look forward to all the conversations we have, and how you can understand all my rants and problems :)

    Spiffiey - You were one of my first friends here on the Empire, and I always enjoy talking to you every day

    eklektoi - Thanks for helping me do all the projects I wish to do, and not really ever complaining :)

    More to come!
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  2. :D You're welcome!
  3. Lol. Four intros?
  4. No problem, I've just always been told to do as i'm told ... doesn't really bother me anymore, just so used to doing it. Many people on the other servers might think i'm mean ... But I just think of everything (everything) with a different perspective ... If I make someone mad, it makes me feel bad, If I make someone happy, it make me feel accomplished .... I have what you'd call schizophrenia(on a scale of 0-14 and up ... 0 being none, 14 being schizophrenic ... i'm a 10 - meaning i can go emotionally 'flat' or have poverty of speech) ...that's caused by me staying depressed most the time, if you guys heard in a series of time I already lost my aunts, my uncle, my cousin, and few days ago my grandma ...

    Lastly, i'm an Empath - if you don't know what that is ... it means i can literally sense other's emotions ... may it be in person -or knowing them through text or just looking at their face ... i can 'feel it' .... and one way for me to feel good , is to 'make others feel good' may it be helping them out without questioning, or donating, or just hanging or talking to someone...

    And you told me to ask for your help, and I did it without questions - So i've been helping all of your projects: 1) it was a new experience building all these things ... 2) Seeing you happy, made me happy :)

    Glad to be there for you - eklektoi
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  5. :D

    Something like that :p

    Thanks eklek :)
  6. I helped you build a house when you were a wee youngin' well so was I too, but no mention makes me cry :(
  7. I remember that too, with Ryuga_XI :)
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  8. Yup!