So they always apear together???Marlix & Momentus

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DiamondDesires, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. I am just wondering if they are always together???

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  2. they do not :confused: all that means is have fun slaying them
    if you need help hmu
  3. I Am hiding in a hole ... Lol what is Hmu ??
  4. Hmu is hit me up and lol what server are you on?
  5. this is my first time seeing either of them and of course they had to be together .. my luck
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  6. your really far fro spawn and also if you attack them they wont de spawn and they shuldent attack you first
  7. so what are my chances or am better off running away ..:confused:
  8. whats your difficulty and armor and weapon setup
  9. let me at them.
    ive faced both, the momentus with no armor and a normal diamond sword.
    i died several times and found out they dont despawn the hard way.... coming back 8 hours later :p
    *remembers doesnt have a legit computer that can run minecraft*
  10. Job sorted I Headed Out to Help Kill and It was easy =)
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  11. uh-huh.
    totally not easy mizzo, i died a record 5 times on difficulty 5 against a momentus.
    you were fighting a marlix AND a momentus, you were probably on difficulty 1
  12. Well, easy for me.
    Not to brag, but I've killed both (while fighting both) on diff 5, without dying.
  13. these guys were over water ... and neither of us died ... both on 5 ... :) we did good
  14. I did the excact thing and never died