so, the night is young(ish)

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  1. the news feed seems kind of... well, slow.

    i'm bored, its 2am and i cannot fall asleep yet. what to do.... what to do! =]
  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaah YES! lol this is perfect. lol =] stumbleupon is amazing<3<3<3
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  3. I was introduced to it at college this year. I don't think I turned off my computer for a week 0.0 haha

    for the record... NICE SIGNATURE XD
  4. BAHAHA, I know. Stumble is awesome.

    and that you muches.
  5. *gives you all money*

    give me
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  6. I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean :confused:
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  7. dont worry about it.. it was nonsensical anyways.
  8. alright if you say so :p
  9. oh poor kitty
  10. you kidding? It is an honor to be turned into a Pokemon XD hahaha
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  11. Play video games.
  12. Minecraft would probably be a good start :D
  13. HAHA :D
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  14. a
    like :D
  15. Also,

    Also, speaking of picsthatdontsuck and pokemon...
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  16. oh also, I changed the snowball texture in my MC to a pokeball... now i go around throwing them at mobs. I threw one at a dog once. it got mad :(
  17. i see pika's! =] oh i want one! so shinny....
  18. This is also very shiny :) hahaha GYARADOS RULES
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