So.. something weird happened but it might be a good thing?

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  1. I was going to dye some trash leather boots pretty for a drop party I'm planning ... and had only white in my inventory. When I tried to dye them (not on a table, just in my own inventory) they were automatically renamed! I got:
    Poop-stompin' boots
    Walkin' boots

    so I freaked out, shouted it on town chat and nobody else got this, so I tried to do up some more and they were just regular dyed boots after that. So are these worth millions? what kind of weird glitch caused this? I LOVE THEM!
  2. what colour did you dye them?
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  3. You know what, I figured out what happened, sorry I couldn't delete this. I must have renamed these long ago, they have been sitting in my 'drop party' chest for months. False alarm, still it would have been a fun glitch! They are dyed white.
  4. Hahaha xD
    Why would they be worth anything more than any other renamed leather boots, anyway? Renamed is renamed: cheap to replicate. Except when their name is unitalicized, of course.