So One Direction broke up.

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  1. Lets see the drama unfold. *Gets a bag of popcorn* Tomorrow should be one fun day at school.
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  2. Wait for real?
  3. Well, one of the members quit, so, it seems they are done.
  4. Okay... after Googling this group, what's so special? Is it one of those boy bands that every girl likes? Sorry to be that guy.
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  5. Yayayayayayayayayay!!!!! I hope.
  6. Never heard of them.
  7. Yes, this will be quite fun to watch.
  8. Yes, another one of those. Plus they're British (no offense).
  9. Boy band. British. Girls go crazy. You get the idea?
  10. I myself hated them, this should just be fun to watch unfold.

    Lucky you.

    To make up for them, we have The Beatles.
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  11. Yeah same here. But then I'm a pro-electronic guy.
    Woot Beatles!
  12. Yes.
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  13. Not to doubt anyone, but links please?:)
  14. Looking at the date, looks like this is a little bit old, just saw a site, which posted this today, saying the broke up. Who knows, maybe they did.
  15. they are justing having a break from each other lol
  16. Better then nothing.
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  17. *inserts barelypolitical parody here* gonna turn it into a lmgtfy when I'm back on my computrr