So North Korea is moving tanks to the Chinese border in case of attack...

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  1. Nobody panic, North Korea isn't in a situation in which it would be feasible for them to launch Nuclear Weapons at most countries without being bombarded with thousands from everyone else.

    In short, this won't turn into World War 3 if anyone was running around like a headless chicken because of this.
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  2. Lol, China won't attack, because they know if they do, one thing will lead to another and they'll have 25 million refugees on their doorstep.
    And believe me, not even China, the most populated country on the planet, wants an influx like that.
  3. While what you have said is very true, that kind of logic does not apply to an insane leader like Kim Jung Un.
  4. Despite how insane he looks through the American media glass, I doubt he would be crazy enough to risk everyone's lives in a hopeless struggle like that.
  5. Remember, Kim Jong Un has primarily been a puppet for senior figures within the Workers Party of Korea. They're all insane, but more importantly, are cunning enough to not make a complete screw-up of the job by, say, nuking Alaska (because they'll be destroyed by the US arsenal.)
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  6. Mind you, there's nothing much in Alaska to nuke anyway.
  7. The rest of America would still be scared anyways. Moral is more important with nukes then pure death.
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  8. North Korea would be the country version of an adorable little ditz if it wasn't for all the human rights violations.
    Anyone who's afraid of North Korea actually attacking, remember that their primary export is empty threats. And China won't attack because (as 72volt said), they'd just end up with a whole lot of refugees. Nothing will actually come of this.
  9. :p
  10. Nothing much in Alaska.. Well that's a lie about 10 percent of United States oil came from Alaska last year and I'm not even going to look up how much lumber comes from them. Alaska is a huge importance for American Economy. so yes I would be worried if something happened to them because they are fellow Americans too.

    Now about why I came to this thread.. Just a bunch of hot air from NK.
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  11. Of strategic importance.
  12. I would say that oil is of strategic importance.
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  13. They also very important Strategic importance since we purchased it in 1867. Some cases being WWII, Cold War, Oil Reserves, Trading outpost, and Radar Stations. Not trying to be rude kitten but you need go read up on some history.
  14. Fine then, you have proved your point:)