So... lots is happening right now, huh? :D

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  1. It's only the second half of February this year, but a lot of things Minecraft-related are about to, or have already, occurred, haven't they...? This must be a pretty busy last couple of weeks for both Mojang AND EMC as a whole.

    First, congrats to the new Staff members on EMC, of course.
    HxCami has been a member of EMC for a very long time, and he's a really friendly and funny guy, so I know him (and Melk73, and tonia of course) will do exceptionally well. :D

    Secondly, MAJOR updates to Minecraft, both PC and Pocket Editions.
    • Just the last few weeks, Minecraft PE updated to 0.14.0, introducing the last part of the redstone AND, of course, Cauldrons, with all their newer effects (and by Arceus, I love Cauldrons ever since their release now...)
      • Cauldrons can hold dyes for dying leather armor (and possibly other things as well)
      • Want to temporarily store Potions? Cauldrons can do that, too!
      • Even generated Witch Huts in Swampland biomes can have a random Potion type inside. Just grab yourself some empty bottles and fill 'er up! (Don't mix different Potion types though, or Cauldrons will explode, akin to beds exploding in the Nether.)
    • As everyone knows already, 1.9 (the Combat Update) is drawing nearer and nearer.
      • The beta pre-releases are ALREADY out, so 1.9 is being polished up before it's sent to PC users through data streams worldwide.
      • The scheduled release date is <3 days away from today! How appropriate for a pun, seeing how this is a month revolving around love. :'D
      • Lots of changes -- good, bad, and ugly -- will be occurring, and I'll have an auction up before then to kinda... "celebrate" it, in a way. xD
    Third, for those who aren't aware: if you press F3 to use Debug Mode, you'll notice that the "Day" counter (thanks to the 1.8 update) is at least 99900. We're getting closer to 100,000 days on the Empire (which I also made a status about). That's 100,000 square, yellow suns swinging across the sky x 20 minutes ever since the first server for EMC ran (maybe more than that for other smp's, since this time scale is based on smp8 and it was added far later than the others...), so that's nearly 2 million minutes of runtime for the servers since (again, may only apply to smp8; other servers may have been even longer than this)! :eek:Can you imagine how much electricity total this must've drained over time...?

    Fourth, the Wastelands will reset in less than a week from now, so now's your chance to unearth as much as possible (or what's left, anyway) before the countdown hits. It's probably the only *scheduled* waste reset you'll ever see on EMC during that particular day as well... because the 29th only falls on a leap year, and it'll be 4 more years before EMC may reset on the 29th of February, IF it resets on that particular day at all! Something to think about.

    Fifth and final, Mine Chests are now available for ordering to Americans. The "loot crate" of the Minecraft universe, it basically features everything you'd expect from a loot crate of any other video game genre. Still, I wonder exactly what secrets the Loot Crat -- er, "Mine Chest" -- will hold for us fellow 'Muricanz. :p

    I normally don't make many threads like this, if any at all, but I wanted to list all the positive or spontaneous things going on in EMC/Minecraft at this very moment, just to lift everyone's spirits a little from the rather ill-mannered threads we had not so long ago... So read and give your thoughts on 1.9/Pocket Edition, whether or not you plan to do some last-minute mining, etc. (For the latter, I most certainly will, since our smp has a mesa in Waste this time around... 2, actually -- shhh ;))
  2. We get it, new people went to the slime house and got stuck in it and came out green, and the new but certainly annoying updates for PC and poket edition of minecraft :p

    Mine-chest does sound interesting though...
  3. You just topped the newletter. Very good :D
  4. I've looked into Minechest, and I sincerely hope I can pull off getting that. It looks so awesome :D

    As for Pocket Edition, it sounds awesome, but honestly, I just can't stand the touchscreen controls. I hope these updates apply to Windows 10 Edition? Or will apply to it someday... Because as it stands, I can't do PE and Windows 10 Edition is my only alternative. XD

    I have mixed feelings about 1.9. On one hand, the changes to the End are gorgeous, I love having a new crop (beets!), but on the other hand, there are plenty of tiny things I hate. Including boats are stupidly slow, if able to carry a passenger and more resistant to breaks, and just... combat. Combat in general. I like the simplicity of just spamming left button, sorry XD Then again, I don't pvp much as it is. My only complaint is that the sword swipes a huge radius, I almost killed all my chickens in sp trying to kill one. :p
  5. I... have no idea what to say here. Um... thanks...? xD

    Heck, I might even put my two cents in and beg my mom for a subscription. No pun intended. :p

    Well, seeing how Pocket Edition updates alongside Windows 10... this theoretically means Cauldrons have the same functionality than their more-frustrating-touch-control brethren. =P I don't mind the touchscreen controls of PE, although I still have glitches from time-to-time, like me accidentally stabbing a sheep when I meant to shear it, or slamming a cow with a bucket when I meant to milk it. (Though if you know how, you can implement colored text into signs and renamed items by going into your clipboard and pasting the section symbol... I literally have an iron shovel I use for getting flint from gravel: I renamed it Flint Finder v3.0 -- and enchanted it with Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, Fortune III... the ยง symbol works even in an Anvil and Signs in PE in Survival Mode... something I can't do in PC Edition's Survival. xD)

    1. You forgot a new crop (technically): Chorus Fruit xD The plants grow from Chorus Flowers on End Stone and can be eaten to restore 2 of 10 hunger porkchop icons, as well as teleport you to a random block 0-2 chunks away :D

    2. They fixed the speed on boats. Now, they go as fast as they do in 1.8 when sprinting in them, and they brought the basic controls back for boats, except you can't look behind yourself. :p

    3. You could kill your chickens with Stone Pickaxes/Shovels instead; the attack damage is enough to kill them in one blow (they only have of health) so save your Swords for the bigger mobs xD

    4. I definitely agree with you about the combat thing... I mean, c'mon; it took Mojang nearly 7 years to come to the conclusion that swinging a sword repeatedly isn't cheap or OP in the slightest...? -w-;; On the other hand, I agree the sword sweep is annoying, and in earlier snapshots all it did was knock enemies back and do no damage... At least axes do more damage now, despite being the slowest weapon/tool in the game now? What is this I don't even... (well, that actually makes more sense, from a combat/RPG standpoint, but now trees might be more annoying to chop because of the delay you get every time you bring out your axe ._.)
  6. Can somebody please help me: PM, counseling, etc.?

    For the longest time since 1.8 snapshots, I've seen too much negativity in the Minecraft community. Now I'm afraid that the game will crumble this year with almost nobody taking great efforts to work on it...