So long EMC

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  1. I just recently gave away all my stuff (Including 43k) Cause well im leaving
    Heres why
    Emc wa the first server i have ever played on, and they welcomed me with open arms, i met cool and nice people almost instantly and i loved it, it was my daily routine, go on mine do whatever. Then after about months of playing i just got bored i guess, i foud other servers, with mobs that actually walk and are a threat, found servers with close friends and stuff. EMC Kept me on it near when i joined, they were introducing things left and right, now they kinda stopped that, which i guess made me lose my interest. Well So long and i may stumble apon you kiddies on another server idk
    I'd like to thank justin and all of his staff for bringing a truly unique experience for me and i wish i could pay them back or something idk.
    Bye everyone, Good luck kiddies
  2. Damn straight.
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  3. No i wont :p I just cant play on here for more than 30minutes without being bored, i wish the wilderness was dangerous as of right now with the crippled mobs, the wildy shoud be Mildness (Whoo horrible pun)
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  4. i do wish emc mode a different server form that wasnt vanilla and had something like the Hack Slash Mine mod, but emc is still super awesome
  5. Hack / mine is kinda bland tbh i like McMMO better
  6. ehhh never really like mcmmo
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  7. Then you are just taking a break. I did the same between December until i joined EMC on January 26th, it was good break but missed it just wait after awhile you be back . Good Luck in Life then
  8. Yes, we're having problems with the mobs. JustinGuy did some server maintenance yesterday, I believe in an attempt to fix that, and the lack of disconnect messages we're having. He's still in the process of moving, so I'm guessing he probably doesn't have internet set up to really properly fix these issues yet.

    Monsters with a lack of movement is irregular in EMC, same with the lack of disconnect messages. When I first started, monsters moved. So trust me, this is just a bug.

    I fixed your grammar, and some of your spelling, btw. I also gave you a pretty color! :D
  9. Color fixes anything. and im assuming you like PINK maxarias....
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  10. I like these colors ShaaaaaBAM
  11. Best of luck to you in finding your new home :)

    I am hoping that the mob issues will be fixed here very soon! I am starting to loose hope though. I am doing my best to be patient, but I am starting to despair. Every time I log on i loose a little bit more interest in being here. I definitely get how you feel. It hurts the game so much to have no mobs spawning. I wish one of our lovely mods would make some kind of announcement to the prospects of when we might see this repaired. I fear that if the server is not back in working order soon we might see more of these exits :( If we just had a small bit of something to hold onto for hope... I would be forever grateful.
  12. Vanilla MC is fun as long as there are mobs.
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  13. Justin is very busy coding for minecraft's new platform so when your "server" you found comes to an update they will crash and EMC will stand tall. Just saying
  14. Everyone gets tired of vanilla at some time.
  15. Actually, Justin is very bussy moving from one side to another of the country. Just saying :p
    BTW: Your post is like 20% of your signature, lol
  16. yeah.. I'll remove it I can't fully add the awesome poem <3 and he is also trying to get ready for the next Minecraft update and what state is he moving to I know he lived in MA but where to now? ( I hope California )
  17. I don't actually know where he is moving ( I hope no-one but he and maybe Jeremy knows tht on EMC) but if it is Cali I'll pass-by his house when I go there for vacation and finally pay my supporter membership :p