So I've been here for 2 days...

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  1. Hello all!
    Name's HxCami10, call me Cami for short
    I am a guy, yes I know Cami is usually a girls name, but its a long story (Not really) to how I got this

    I've been on the server for 2 days and I already love it enough that I went and got a gold membership!
    I try to be on everyday, but with my work computers it is hard :/
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  2. Welcome to Empire MineCraft. Unfortunately this thread will at some point tangent to something completely unrelated, but until then we all wish you the best of fun on the servers. Which Server have you chosen as you home?
  3. Welcome! Also, congrats on having the good sense to become a supporter right away! Be sure to visit the lovely Utopia wild if you haven't already to enjoy the constant sunshine, no fall damage, and no hunger damage :D
  4. Welcome to EMC! I am The Tomaot King, I rule all everything that has to do Tomatoes. How did you hear about EMC?
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  5. Welcome! i hope you enjoy the empire, you gonna see me alot on dah forums!
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  6. Thank you all. my EMC home is EMC8. And I will have to visit Utpoia... there is a way to transfer things through the servers if i remember right, right?
  7. Oh, I've got a res on SMP8, I'll have to keep an eye out for you so I can say hello!
  8. Hey Bob, did you get your new PC yet?
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  9. Thank you all for the help! I can already tell this is an awesome community!
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  10. Pretty sure B4DMAN5IMON can see into the future, his prediction has begun already lol

    On a related note, Welcome to EMC!
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  11. ..There is nothing I can say that hasn't been said...
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  12. Welcome To EMC! We are glad to have you.... I am the Mod that hangs out on smp8 but all my reses are on Smp4... Weird yes... but hey... I need silence at times too...LOL
    If you need anything... let us know! We love helping and we surely love new players so bring your friends and have them use your name so you get your bonuses... :)
    Come see me anytime ;)
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  13. You never say hi to me when you see me :(
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  14. Howdy patna come on down to texas.. er i mean smp9 :D
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  15. Nothing to do here...
    Welcome to EMC and I hope you enjoy your stay here, which you obviously are since you got supporter so early :D Me and my friend (who introduced me to EMC) became iron supporters after 1 month, and then mine was cancelled after 1 month and he had left EMC. Be sure to introduce your friends and you'll get some cool bonuses ;) I also introduced my other friend but he attempted to grief my house and my other friend is hiding here and he's thinking of coming back.

    I'm sure JackBiggin would like to meet you :D He is one of the two founders of the EMC Wiki and me and him are working on the creation station together (since May :p Progress is slow)

    I also live on smp3 and so does my brother, so if you want to meet me in-game go there. I also live in the wild on smp1 and spend most of my time there.

    Also, animals making IceCream are everywhere. One gets hungry and eats people, which makes them banned after they are knocked out with the ban hammer, so don't get hit with the ban hammer :p
  16. Welcome to EMC :)
    smp8 ftw
  17. I got gold the first 10 minutes I joined. Well here is how it went.

    12:01Jeanzl2000 Joined the game
    *No response AKA In tutorial*
    *does tutorial*
    Me:I like this server
    12:03: Jeanzl2000 is Now Iron
    12:11 Jeanzl2000 is Now Gold
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  18. So you spent 5 and than you spent 10 total of 15 instead of just 10 for gold?
  19. Yes because I wasn't sure if I wanted gold.