So it's my 600th day and stuff...

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  1. I was informed that today is actually my 600th day. So why not do a giveaway? Just claim a number between 1-30 for a chance to get 6,000 rupees. If all of the numbers aren't filled up in a few days, I will pick a winner anyway.

    Oh, and you can ask me questions and stuff.

    1. samsimx
    2. oidgod
    3. Ark_Warrior1
    4. Mindlegokid
    5. TheMiniKins
    6. penfoldex
    7. Darkangledav
    8. Cordial_Pie
    9. Dragonhalk32
    10. nick_godoy
    12. NetherWorld666
    13. kuraudochuu
    14. Knotsy
    16. southpark347
    17. Jcplugs
    18. Admiral_D_929
    19. adondrabkin
    21. cddm95ace
    23. dresden72
    24. hashhog3000
    26. generalfelino015
    27. Chascarrillo
    29. jacob5089
    30. darksuperlord
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  2. 1
    Why you no talk on mumble?
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  3. 44 please. Why is that your name?
  4. 12. Whats your avatar supposed to be?
  5. 16 - Whats your favorite Anime?
  6. 21 please, congrats. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
  7. 8- What are your other favorite comic heros/villians besides batman and madder red?
  8. 50. Are you truly a ninja?
  9. 26 plz, Do you like Crash Bandicoot?
  10. It need to be 1-30, not 1-50.
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  11. If 18 is not taken i'd like that. Do you know of any Easter Eggs in EMC?
  12. 13 please
    Why don't you embrace your inner swag?
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  13. What type of guitar do you own?
    17 ^3^
  14. You guys might want to read the OP.
    I showed you people what I looked like. I still need to keep some sense of mystery surrounding me.
    Hylian (the nationality of someone from Hyrule) + Ninja (in reference to my years taking martial arts) = HylianNinja
    I just thought it sounded cool.
    It is a drawing Palmsugar did of Madder Red, who is the main character from the comic book Bedlam. I really like Bedlam, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it to the younger members of EMC.
    That is a really hard question... I'll say Luther Strode powers, even though that might be bending the rules of the question.
    That would be too long a list to post here, so I will try to keep it simple.
    Basically all of Batman's villains.
    Animal Man.
    Swamp Thing.
    Rorshach and The Comedian.
    Luther Strode.
    Flex Mentallo.
    The Secret Six.
    Hawkeye (only because of Matt Fraction).
    Superman, even though the amount of Superman stories I actually like can be counted on one hand, the ones I like I really like.
    Look behind you.
    Never was really into Crash Bandicoot.
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  15. Wow, 600 days? I think I celebrated that like 100 days ago... I feel so old.
    I'll take 27
  16. Happy 600th Day!
    6 please.
    Any chance of posting more comic book reviews?
  17. Because no.
    My electric is a Dean Vendetta and my acoustic is a Washburn.

    Not really. College keeps me really busy and only a couple of people were reading them.
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  18. Scarecrow, Joker, and Two-Face are in a fight. Who wins? ;)

    Also, happy 600th day on EMC. Be a good boy for sa-... oh wait. Wrong celebration notes...

    Have a happy 600th day on EMC and...err... be happy and stuff. Because you're on EMC. And stuff.
  19. Hmm... Two-Face would be too busy flipping his coin, so he will die first. Scarecrow and The Joker will both have their toxins on them. I think this comes down to if The Joker has a gun on him or not.