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Do you think this is....

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  1. The first time I saw a res for sell, I was just like ba this won't last long. But now, it's starting to become more common. What are your thoughts?
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  2. Although I'm new to EMC, I've played on a few servers in which people sold residences. I don't really see a problem with people selling their own residences. However, I don't think it's right how a player can/will claim someone's residence just for profit. The original owner may not be able to log on due to in real life reason but they've put hundreds of hours into their builds in the past. Yet, another player can camp on the plot until the original owner has a derelict status and then wipe out all their work.
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  3. I've seen stuff like this happen, but this could actually ruin the economy.
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  4. Well, the derelict policy allows 30 days before someone can claim your res, so that's a pretty long time to be inactive. Also, if you are going to be away for longer than 30 days, you can PM an Admin or Senior Staff and they will give you protection for a longer period of time

    As for the topic of this thread, I don't really see a problem yet as most of the residences being sold are spawn ones. However, it would get fairly annoying if multiple people start selling random reses
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  5. True, but you'll never know what life throws at you and you may not have time to message a staff member.
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  6. There is no chance that this could ruin the economy. Also, voting on a site resets the derelict counter so it is very easy to keep one's res.
  7. And if you are really that fearful of losing loads of hours of work play. *support* Then you are immune to going derelict!
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  8. I'm not to worried about it.
    Sooner or later people will actually build on those residences.
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  9. i dislike it a lot, actually. its free to claim a residence.. 5,000 rupees at most for when you clear one to claim it.
    .. if you claim a res JUST to sell it, that is extremely rude, and selfish to me.. you're using it for gain, when there are SO many other plots. i could care less if it was right next to spawn, i still think its wrong to claim a res for free, then expect someone to pay you 50,000 rupees for something that costs nothing to begin with.
    not everyone can afford that, not everyone's parents want to pay real money for a video game. my gold was gifted to me.. i can't afford supporting anymore.. this is the first time in two years i haven't supported.. and i dislike it but i don't know when i'll be able to again.
  10. Please, explain your reasoning on how being able to access a new commodity will damage the ability of EMC to have their demands for goods and services met.
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  11. lolol, we can clearly tell, that if volt doesn't think this will harm the economy than it wont.
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  12. I want to make it clear that the forceclaim system is nothing new, and has ALWAYS been there for near 2 years.

    EMC has always had a derelict policy, in that you can't go inactive or you will lose your res.
    The system has always auto reset residences, but not instantly, so players were always able to request a manual unclaim. The new force claim command simply automates the process so it doesn't involve timing of Sr Staff and players being on at the same time.

    Now the concept of players claiming a res just to sell the location... That has always been possible, and we are not considering adding new rules here. If the community does not like the idea, then simply do not buy them and the idea will die :)
  13. IMHO, I really do not mind this new trend players all doing. I don't even see it possible for this to ruin the economy.. some players may be diamond and want another res for a extra shop so this is probably the best solution.
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  14. I've know about the forcecalim feature, heck the res i own is forcedclaimed. I also didn't know that you could do this, and when i found out you could i just decided to give my opinion.
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  15. Meh, here is my take...
    Going derelict really has nothing to do with the original thread, which is buying and selling of residence plots.
    If someone has not voted nor logged in for 30 days, well that is the way the cookie crumbles. You all know (or should know) the derelict rules.

    All but one of my residences is pretty much random. I am scattered about to have more neighbors.
    I did unclaim one res and forceclaim a different one in utopia, to help out someone with their build.

    If people have something someone else wants, and wishes to pay R for it, why not? If someone gets a res close to spawn, a good number, etc. and someone is willing to pay for it, why not? Nobody is forcing anyone to buy or sell. If there is demand, there will be supply. Simple economics. If one does not like it, simply do not participate.

    This really has nothing to do with the 'economy' though. Just as in real life, a fiat currency, empire shop sets the 'standard' and gives out rupees for playing, voting, or donating. So rupees are created, and in turn some rupees are also destroyed. (destroyed by using the empire shop, forceclaim, people leaving, etc...) The shop prices are higher to allow player shops to be 'preferred' over the empire shop. Player shop prices are 'set' by the amount of rupees available, and the rarity of the items being sold (and partially set by other shops too).

    And Battmeghs, I pay on my own. The minimum is $5. McDonalds 'meals' are more expensive by comparison. I do understand your point though that some people do not have the ability to pay for whatever the reason is.

    Then again, I am probably wrong anyway. So take my opinion with a grain of salt.
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  16. What's sooo bad about it, some people even sell their res if it has a cool res number. Like 1234
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  17. How about no? Money's hard to come by. My mum can't even spare the money to buy iron supporter at the moment.

    *Once I get my bank account, I could support, and probably make the money situation less tight. But I don't know when i'll be able to get one, soo...yeah...)
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  18. Its a completely useless thing to do when you can get a res for free in the first place. It does not hurt the economy one bit.
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  19. I once sold my res because the guy wanted his 4 reses in a corner. Lol