So, Im back on the forums... Not in game yet!

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  1. So yeah... Most of you do not know me at all. I used to play a lot back in December... then I left so yeah. Who knew that what I thought would take a very long time to get over and get back on my feet for has just token me two months:oops: While two months is a long time too me ( Seemed like years to me smh ). So yeah... My story on my two month break which I honestly feel terrible for making it seem so terrible. I'm now fourteen and I have found two REAL friends outside of this community, and I have brought my grades from a staggering C-C- to an A-B+ range and have really gotten involved with my schools community. Why did I come back here you're probably wondering, well I remembered you all ( I say y'all because I am a proud Southern ) and I see that y'all got new staff members! So congrats to you all, I checked the forums last month just to see the new staff but I did not see any new ones on the Home Page. I plan on making new friends here and getting my old friends back. Most of you are saying "What about the gifts you gave us?", for everyone confused I gave my closest friends gifts and I gave some amount of money away as well.
    I need to make one thing known though, I am a new man. I remember me saying this so many times in the past but I need everyone to know I am trying to be a better man than I was then and today. I have learned from life that I can not go around shouting religion as not everyone wants to hear it and not everyone believes it! I also remember me having "issues" with certain people for my behavior but I believe that I've matured a bit since then and learned when and when NOT to talk. I am not sure who still plays from when I did but Im sure some still do.
    Why Im not playing online right now and just the forums is because I have five projects, I've done three of them right now, so Ill be on then. See yah! And meet y'all soon!
  2. Welcome back and glad to see things are getting better for you =)
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  3. Whaddap bro (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ it's me Salmatic!
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  4. Awesomeness ww2fan!

    I'm really happy to see you coming back and rejoin the flock.

    Heck, you know the saying right? It's not about quantity, its about quality. And for sure: taking a time-out can definitely sometimes help you to sort things out for yourself. And well, getting a bit of a fresh start is also a good thing.

    It seems that your residences are still available and assigned to you (at least for the time being) so if you want you can more or less pick up where you left off. And if you want something new... Well, us folks on SMP2 have plenty of space and would love to welcome you of course ;)

    Still, as much as I like seeing your name pop up again I do want to urge you not to get ahead of yourself. (not saying that you would of course). But yeah... I'm really happy to see you back!

    Here's hoping to run into you in-game sometime again!
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  5. Yay! You are coming back! Good, I missed having someone to constantly nag ;)
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  6. Welcome back! I remember you... Nice job in school, good to improve. :D
  7. Welcome back! So I guess the nuclear bomb didn't end ww2 for coming back
    (God that was awful... help me create new jokes please xD)
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  8. I remember you! Welcome back :)
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