So i won a contest (Opinions wanted)

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  1. So a channel i subscrbed to did a drawing which i entered, and i ACTUALLY WON!!!!! :D
    I get to choose ANY steam game i want, but the thing is: What do i choose? :confused:
    So, i want some suggestions: What steam game should i ask for? (Please note my laptop cannot run anything high quality, so nothing like outlast or slender: the arrival)

    I like action, adventure, survival, horror and zombies
  2. my best friend recently bought me rust, its like minecraft with graphics, 20$ tis in alpha, tis awesome. awesome.
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  3. Well, it depends what you like... I'd go for something expensive that you really want... Personal Suggestions include Thief, 7 Days to Die, CS:GO, Starbound, Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance... I saw gameplay videos of Nidhogg, it was good...
  4. I really like super hexagon. It's extremely fun, but prone to ragequitting. It only costs $3, so using that for this might be a waste.
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  5. Dat bumpity-bump
  6. There is only one logical option here: Hotline Miami.
  7. ^This
  8. I suggest Prison-Architect, Payday, Rust.
  9. angry brdz
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  10. judging on how its likely to be a "gift" you can regift it in a trade and try and get other games so going for something of high cost/value might not be a bad idea, other wise here is a link to test your pc's specs to see if you can handle a certain game (requires java's permission to run btw)
  11. Civ 5. Amazing game
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  12. Are you guy's pumped for the event?
  13. Europa Universalis 4 >:D
  14. It really depends on what you prefer, it would help out a lot if you could give us a certain genre or theme you like in your games. Also A list of your games so that we can rule them out or use them to find something that would fit your liking.
  15. Ooh. Yes. Civ 5 is good.
  16. Good idea lol.

    I like action, adventure, survival, zombies and horror.
  17. I would say Rust ,7 days to die, and Day Z fit what you're looking for in a game, but all three are in alpha/beta stages so you might want to hold off on playing the games because your experience could be ruined by bugs or other problems that could arise.

    Metro Last Light or Metro 2033 Are both good games but they are only story based and once you beat the game once it's not much different playing it a second time.

    Any of the Dead Space games would be good and are really fun to play. IMO Dead Space 3 would probably be the best for you to give a chance but if you want to play with more than one other person you should go with Dead Space 2.

    The final game I could recommend would be Project Zomboid, I've never played the game personally but from watching Robbaz play it on youtube it looks like it can be a really fun game.
  18. I really like Prison Architect.