So I was derping along in the smp2 wastelands...

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  1. ...and I found this.
    When I got the message, my heart almost stopped. Here I was, with almost broken, unenchanted armor, all by myself. And here was this thing, just waiting there to kill me.
    However, I had a god sword and bow along with me. Plus, my death point was on, so if I died, I could go back and have a chance to get my stuff back. So, I chugged a zombie virus,
    Waited for the bad effects to wear off,
    And I went for it. For about 15 minutes we fought, me having to consume my last three viruses, all in a little pond on the other side of the hill momentus was standing nearby. Sometimes, I thought he was about to kill me, but then I just backed in to a corner, quaffed a few carrots, and chugged yet another virus. Meanwhile, a skeleton heard the commotion, and became curious about what those earth-shaking booms were. He moseyed over to where we were having our battle, saw me, and shot me. But he missed. Instead, he hit the momentus. He became temporarily distracted; his fatal mistake. I, seizing the opportunity, Placed my final arrow right in his back. He stopped, turned around, then collapsed. I quickly killed off the rest of his minions, and planted my sword in his neck, decapitating him. It was over. I had won. And the best part? I had killed him...
    ...all by myself.

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  2. good job bro
  3. :O sounds completely epic
  4. i keep telling folks the bosses arent hard, finally someone listens
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  5. Achievement Unlocked!
  6. I got agree with you, the first time I got the message, you stop right in your tracks lol.
  7. stop, look at inventory, set a bed and a chest with stuff you dont wanna lose nearby, engage cuz yolo
  8. I've learned from the 2 I have killed that Momentus and his minions can't swim... And they don't want to drop the toothpick to me :(
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  9. Oddly enough, I was underground when I first heard it
    #confuse :p
  10. Wait why did you drink the virus (sorry im not good with these new mob things)
  11. Resistance IV
  12. What you want to do is try to lure Momentus into the water, even though he doesn't walk much. He can't suffocate you there and his minions can't swim.
  13. Exactly what I did.
  14. Mine was just knocked back into the ocean
    The downside is it is very hard to find drops if you are lagging and can't pinpoint the location of its death
  15. Haha, at first I thought a zombie was flying...
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  16. Is it possible to find a Momentus that's not in a desert?
  17. Ahhhhh
  18. This is what Dark meant to say! :p