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  1. Yeah I never introduced myself here... I even totally cheated at work! lol. New guys are suppose to bring in donuts then do a presentation about themselves, I did neither!

    Anyways, I guess ill do mine here (but due to recent major work changes (buyout) I don't have to worry about doing a presentation anymore :p)!

    Anyone with Google Fu will know my names Daniel, 26, and that I'm a Software Engineer (computer programmer for you non tech title knowing people :p), specializing in Web Development with PHP and JavaScript.

    I come from a previous community where I managed the community and sort of lead the project for a while called Windower, where we developed and greatly extended the online MMO Final Fantasy 11. So sorta how Twitch manages Approved mods, I did that on FF11 except my group is the one who also wrote the primary mods, but there was other 3rd party mods that we also had to "police".

    So anyone who has played FF11 and used Windower... yep I'm "That Aikar"

    I live in the Raleigh/Garner NC USA area (Raleigh Address, Garner in Reality, silly 27603 area code) and work in Morrisville NC (Perimeter Park), and occasionally attend the local JavaScript meetups.

    My hobbies are primarily my career... programming =P when I'm not addicted to video games (like I am currently on MineCraft), I do Node.JS development (PHP I really only do at work now, it use to be my obsession before Node.JS :p), working on building my own browser based MMO RTS game and some Node.JS open source projects (Absolutely nothing is done with gameplay parts yet... still on infrastructure stages and planning, so don't ask me to try it :p, and it'll require me being done with MC to really get back to working on it :/), but I also have hobbies of playing video games and shooting guns (Yes, this geeky fat guy you see in the picture is a gun owner LOL). Not gotten into hunting yet but the idea interests me (I have a pretty big redneck family... )

    As for EMC, I now live on SMP7 as many know, I have a private colony in the wild (sorry membership is semi closed, by very selective invite only, so never ask me to join, it's primarily Staff and our friends only...). I was originally on SMP2, but the wild reset forced me to start over, so I saw SMP7 as an advantage to go ahead and start building before SMP2 reset, and use the vault to transfer all goods from old wild to new wild very easily... Saved me sooooo much time transporting goods.

    I act as an advocate for all the wild colonies out there to try to improve the experience on EMC of living in the wild, giving Justin thoughts and ideas on how to make the experience better :)

    I am extremely active, with Square (our proprietary moderation tool) open pretty much all day while at work... so you will see my name on kicks and bans quite a lot =) But that doesn't mean you can expect to me to respond instantly at all times LOL, I have work to do too you know :p
  2. When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. :)
  3. Welcome to EMC, Aikar! We do hope you will enjoy yourself :p
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  4. I've been here for like 2 months already you know =P
  5. Okay, so I don't do light sarcasm well in text...
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  6. I felt like I was reading your resume`! lol
    Welcome two months late!
  7. lol my bad... I now get the sarcasm. I'm like a zombie this week... so ready for this day to end.
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  8. lol.. Well maybe it was a resume for Justin to get me a job on his team! haha (jk Justin I really am not at a position to move currently =P)
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  9. Technically, your a moderator, which is on the "team" isn't it? :p
  10. Now I finally know that the person in his avatar is really him! :)
  11. you had doubt? :p
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  12. A little :p You never found out I followed you from smp2 to smp7? ^^
  13. *insert rude interruption* When do you get off work Aikar? :p
  14. Hello nice to meet you :D
  15. usually round 6. though 5 is the "end of day lets stop working and wonder out of the building soon" timeframe.

    Stalker! I don't hide my personal identity, remember my 3rd hobby XD.
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  16. it helps to put a few *SARCASM* * SARCASM* disclaimers afterwards hahaha
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  17. LOL… when you said that your a Software Engineer I knew exactly what that was! I'm 10 and also in to tech stuff. My dad is a a Network Engineer at MIT.
  18. Nice intro and to meet you online. I've been thru your parts of NC on my way through to see In-laws in Virginia.
    Nice country it is!
    I like guns too and with 3 daughters I know how to use them. ;)