So I start school tomorrow

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  1. So I start highschool tomorrow, and I have a grand total of two friends at it. Everyone from my school went to the other highschool in town. Its kind of nice that I'll be going to a place where I pretty much know no one for once, as I've been going to school with the exact same group of people pretty much since grade one, with many of them being people I've disliked since grade one. So I start tomorrow with two friends who are in none of my classes and some other people from my school. Wish me luck. :p
  2. Luck, I wish you.
  3. May the luck be with you.

  4. Onward, my brother! May we fight before we die from the seniors!!
  5. Good luck! :)
  6. <.< I Erm... In my town/city (more like tri state bay area plus tons of bridges to other cities) we have a ton of schools, spanning two school districts... :3 there are I think 12 or more high schools :p I am going to go to American.... So original :p anyways, the first day is difficult unless you find the right group... Once you do, youll do fine. Friends are worth keeping, unless you need to change who you are...
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  7. Back, went well.
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  8. yay, how did it go?
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  9. Your situation sounds exactly like mine :p.
    90% of my friends were sucked up to the other high school, and I'm left with only a couple good friends plus a bunch of people I know, but don't especially like.
  10. I start tomorrow, although I am going back to the same school that I've been in for 4 years already for my final compulsory year! (although I'll be staying on in 6th form) Should be good, summer got boring toward the end and I had nothing to do! As much as I hate it sometimes, it will be good to be back :) Also, not 'having a go' at legit, but there are way too many back to school threads at the moment xD