So I Signed onto SMP7.....

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  1. And I see an Iron Golem. Don't know how it got there, probably because there's a public villager trading post next too me... oh well. His name is Diamonds, and I'm going to keep him until he escapes or someone kills him. Might make him a cage. :p (FYI this is in the LLO)
    2012-09-10_21.21.04.png <--- Me and Diamonds EDIT: I looked at the pic, and Diamonds is blocking me off the picture! :3
    2012-09-10_21.21.43.png <---- Me and Diamonds on the stairs
    2012-09-10_21.22.02.png <---- Diamonds is staring at me
    2012-09-10_21.22.34.png <---- Me and Diamonds playing Hide and Seek, he found me under the stairs! :3
  2. Whoa what?! We have villagers at the LLO? :confused:
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  3. Yup. It's near the Cocoa Bean Farm and the Tree Farm. Right next to my house :p
  4. Well that makes sense. It's because I'm never over there I didn't know about it… :D
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  5. Update: I found another Iron Golem wandering around! (First I thought it was Diamonds.... LOL) He's in the pig pen now. His name is Emeralds. Update 2: I made Diamonds a place so he doesn't escape.
    2012-09-10_21.32.37.png (<--- You can click them too see full size)
  6. I believe it is due to the issues with the residence plugin that is used for town. Aikar is working on fixing all of the problems.
  7. Take out the coords!
  8. Took out the pictures with coords. And I'm pretty sure everyone knows where the LLO is by just looking at the Live Map food..
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  9. You don't say!?
  10. Realllyy.jpg
  11. Yeah, but for stupid griefers that don't know how to use the live map..
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  12. ..... Lol so true
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