So I received this today..

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  1. I keep reading carfax instead of carafax. I now imagine the carafax looking like this:
  2. Yay! I hear there is going to be an incoming attack of flying Ghasts soon, will you save us from that as well?
  3. Indeed I will, loyal citizen of EMC! Now, I must go build the Legitcave!
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  4. das' cool. Imma go build teh techcave... Idunno
  5. I lost it several times. Great story xD
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  6. Seeing as how I'm apparently EMC's own superhero, I am commissioning someone to make me a Legitman skin. The one thing it needs is my TNT head, the rest is up to you. :)

    Also, I am not just here to protect the lovely citizens of EMC from flying creepers, I am here to protect you from my arch-enemy, COPHERMAN, and his henchmen, THE DELTAS! If you are reading this, Copherman, I will fight you on the beaches, on the streets, or in the Mob Arena on SMP5.
  7. I have an alt called copherfeild
  8. Well, I guess everyone makes a bad choice in their life at some point.
  9. Get Copherfield's skin, and go around the servers terrorising everyone. Video the results so I can enjoy.
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  10. Muehuehuehuehhehheheh...
  11. *all the new peoples*Who's Copherfield?

    And have we all gotten over the "He Who Must Not Be Named" thing? :p
  12. Yes. The whole thing where you couldn't say Voldemort's name in Harry Potter was only done out of the fear people had that if his name was uttered, he'd appear and make you into a horcrux or something. That fear does not exist with Copherfield.
  13. Voldemort?

    Edit: Volt ninja'd me
  14. I vow to only hurt/kill the real Copherman, not EMC citizens in a costume!
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  15. While on vacation in Sunstreak Island, I have found the work on Copherman! He had turned the islands inhabitants into Submissive Sheeps!

    They were being guarded by the one and only, Rocakes! (10 cookie points to whoever knows who that's supposed to be) I killed his henchmen, but he sadly escaped, but I did manage to free those poor EMC members, and they are no long Submissive Sheeps to Copherman!

    Sadly, I still don't have my costume..

    In other news, SMP3 has 54 people on it! :D

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  16. RobLikesCake

    NailedIt.gif (/¯⌐■_■)
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  17. Correct! And my cookie points I mean a prize, which you can get at 7291 on SMP3! :)
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