So I Just did the biggest facepalm

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  1. So there I was on my res that iv been working on for the past year or so with more then 100,000r worth of rupees (mostly from diamonds) in chests. I was with some nice player on smp3 helping me destroy some dirt layors on top of my res so I can build a village on my res for a sky view. The said player accidently destroyed a block so I decided to type in /res reset thinking this would reset the flags and as I completely Ignored the warning I typed /res reset confirm. To my dismay I watched helplessly as my poor res went bye bye into nothingness. I was to tired to care. I am definitely not quitting EMC or smp3 for that matter as my little wooden house on my beautiful new flat land will prove. I can laugh and start over...I know I cant get my stuff back but thats just fine I just hope that player doesn't feel guilty and maybe some people can get a laugh on one of the biggest facepalm moments in the history of my time on minecraft.
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  2. Wow........ Just wow........

  3. Well that sucks…good luck recovering! :)
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  4. This is a sad event indeed.
  5. INDEED EDIT: Kurtjmac joke :D
  6. Fail edit ^^^^