So I got me some dragons...

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  1. Yup, I fell for it... I got me some dragons. Who wants to make them big and strong :p
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  2. I still don't get what are those.
  3. It is bad that when I saw "So I got me some dragon." Something else came to mind?
  4. yes..
  5. I honestly blame the furries for this one.
  6. I would aswell...
  7. And then "Who wants to make them big and strong"
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  8. Hmm... So tempted to make an EMC version of the XD You get to grow a little IcecreamCow by getting people to click on him, most of whom just misclick. He only products milk at first but as he grows it solidifies. LOL! What am I saying?
  9. And then when he's full grown your signature turns into an explosion.
  10. I thought that you found some secret place at EMC with dragons and you raised them as your babies for a momment.
  11. And first one to make it grow up wins something from ICC.
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  12. I support this idea.
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  13. "So, guys, it turns out that shaun didn't actually kill the dragon, and while we've all been peacefully minding our town business, it made some babies, which I am raising at my res on SMP1"
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  14. I second this opinion.
  15. If the idea gets 10 likes, I will actually look into coding it. XD It'll give me something random to do and will quite frankly be hilarious to watch the forums with little ICC heads everywhere...
  17. Guys... wow. Really mature *rolls eyes*
  18. Thank you.
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  19. Rolling eyes gather no moss.
    Wait, what?