So, how about some plain old ideas?

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  1. Hullo there, community of Empireminecraft! Today, I have a question. I have been thinking of something to make on my res, but I simply cannot. So, I must request ideas from you! Now, I have some things I kinda want kept to a minimum and such.

    Things I request to be at a minimum of suggesting.
    1. Pixel Art.
    I love pixel art. However, I don't want my res filled with it. I am thinking about having a room with the walls filled with pixel art.. But I dunno..
    2. Moar to be added!

    Things I want
    1. Basically anything!
    2. Moar to be added!

    So uhm, i'm just going to say, that progress on ideas would be very slow, because i'm working on a multitude of things, from school, to some other secret projects. :)
    So, remember, realistic ideas! (Nothing too expensive, and nothing too cheap. Like a diamond block house, to a dirt mansion.)
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  2. pixel art of gamekrimjim's gamekribjimmies being rustled
  3. Potato pixel? Potato farm?
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  4. A place of potato worship
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  5. a dirt house with a diamond block roof
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  6. Empire's biggest potato farm!
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  7. A huge public sugarcane farm... <3
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