So excited!

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  1. I'm a fan of Doctor Who and have been watching every episode the day it got released in the US since "The Bells of Saint John", and watched the ones before online, and I am uber hyped about the episode coming out tomorrow! I feel like a child the day before christmas, And this video just adds to the hype!
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  2. Well, call me fascinated!
  3. It looks great!
    Too bad I can't watch it tomorrow…
  4. ER mah gersh! It's on!
  5. Well, that was a bit mind-blowing, nearly cried two times and I'm a little saddened that I now have nothing to do on Saturday nights. This John Hurt stuff is a little confusing, but if its what I can guess, the 50th anniversary might just deal with the Last Great Time War!
  6. I'm just going to say... no spoilers, please. Some of us have A LOT of catching up to do.
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  7. Lol can you message me his real name? I missed half of it :p
  8. This just makes me want to start the series again, just to say that "there are more episodes" :p
    Hopefully they keep on producing this amazing series!:D Or maybe just another series of it?
  9. They already said at the end of the episode...
    "Introducing John Hurt as the Doctor..."
    "The series will continue November 23rd"
    Or something like that.