So... Any opinions on this?

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  1. If you can't tell every horse I've seen on EMC has had their stats shown even newly egged ones.
  2. Not if you buy them from /shop ;)
  3. This could be one from /shop or it could be a tutorial one. Before the "Starter Horse", they had Spawn Horses like the one that you have there :)
  4. It is from the old tutorial.
  5. If it's old it's probably expensive. Lots of hoarders collectors here in EMC, someone will be interested in it. Just ask for a price check before you do anything.
  6. The old tutorial, meaning the tutorial in between the current one and the original maze one, had easter eggs just as the current tutorial does. One of the easter egg prizes included a horse egg without stats. :)

    I didn't realize that /shop sold these, though. Here I was thinking that I had a unique-ish item, and Mr. Economy had to spoil it for me. :p
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  7. I have some unhatched soulbound starter horses. I think these are the current starter horse.

    I also have an unhatched starter horse with no stats which is not soulbound. Is that interesting to any collectors?