SMP9/Utopia maintenance 1AM EST 11/7/14

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  1. All,
    As part of ongoing much needed system maintenance on the Empire, I will be taking the next step tonight.

    Tonight I will start with SMP9 and Utopia, at 1AM EST (Saturday Morning).

    Downtime can be expected to be 30 mins to 3 hours, but will complete it as fast as possible.
    During this time SMP9 and Utopia will be unavailable, but every other SMP will be open. I will work to get Utopia up first for the supporters.

    Once this is completed, we will then be doing the rest in the next week, so there will be many maintenance periods as I move the servers files around to different machines and rebuild the servers up.

    Reason for Maintenance:
    • Rebuild Server OS to Ubuntu, as I am not that familiar with CentOS it is currently installed on.
      For stability and peace of mind, I need to be comfortable with the servers I am managing...
      CentOS was chosen by Justin before I took over things.
    • Prepare for hardware condensing. The goal is to reduce our hardware count to lower costs. Utopia will now be on its final home, but going to re-group the servers to be 123, 456, 789 instead of 12,34,56,78,9u

      This will not put us at increased risk of lag. The lag spikes EMC has today is based on extreme conditions such as tile entity counts, and is not something that can be solved by "more hardware" anyways. It can only be solved with improvements to the code and policy (like entity limiter)
    • Correct a configuration issue with dynmap folder. It's currently saving files to the SSD, decreasing the life span of the SSD when it shouldn't be.
  2. Okie dokie :D
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  3. Huh, I always thought these servers were on a Linux flavor.:p
    Consider me educated lol.
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  4. Thanks again for taking the time to make EMC even better!
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  5. Double Tap :D
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  6. aw dang, well at least, I will be able to hang out on other SMPs
  7. Thanks for the heads up Aikar!
    Hope it all goes smoothly for ya! (Yay Ubuntu!)
  8. Awesome. Sad to see CentOS go though since that's my choice when managing servers :p
  9. "going to re-group the servers to be 123, 456, 789 instead of 12,34,56,78,9u"

    Is utopia being connected to another smp or am i just miss reading this?
  10. centos is a linux flavor (or at least that is what their site says).

    On a related note, I recently updated my Ubuntu and I ended up unable to load into the desktop. Turns out that Ubuntu decided that cairo-dock would make a nice desktop environment. I got it fixed but I hope things go better for you :p
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  11. Ahh thank you, I just saw that it was based off of Red Hat Enterprise, and managed to miss Linux right after it.:oops:
  12. centos is the redhat equiv to debian.

    I'm more of a "modern" person, so centos and debian's packages are just too old for my taste =P

    It will live on another server (the one its moving to tonight) in the network since its low usage. SMP9 will be moved back once the new server is built and ready.
  13. I Understand all of it perfectly, now I know how emc works XD
    but all in all, thanks for the heads up!
  14. you should fuse the smp servers together in pairs

    EDIT: that would ruin the economy on certain servers
  15. Okay, thanks for the heads up, Aikar. :)
  16. Thanks for the heads up!
  17. Ok everything went as smoothly as I had hoped! we are back up.

    I'm going to order the rebuild of the server, and might move 9 again to the new home if it doesnt get late, and then maybe 7 and 8 too.
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  18. nvm no more maint tonight. Rather not wipe out this server until sure the files arent needed
  19. If this happens (it wont) I vote smp2 be fused with stage so I never have the option to consider going to it :p