Smp9 Smelting Center New!

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  1. but coal is cheaper :/
  2. That is where the problem lies. People have grinders and get tons of the stuff. It's a matter of finding them and buying it at a good price. It usually just sits in a chest until they end up using it for fuel. If you can convince them that they could make some extra cash if they sold it to the furnace shop for a reasonable rate, then it might be more useful. Blaze rods aren't rare anymore, and the folks that have them only have them because it is a by product of their exp grinders.
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  3. 13½ dbl chest of sand.

    You wanna give me an offer on smelting them all into glass? ;)
  4. 13x54= 702 + 27 extra so you would be smelting 729 stacks of sand mini.
    By the way if this works well, i can donate some furnaces and coal. :)
    This is also 9477 + delivery extra = total amount PT has to pay
    Eh, its not that much compared to some.
  5. I've already used Mini once, it worked out VERY well.

    Took him 24 hours to do my whole order - its highly recommended.
  6. Mini?!?! What is this sorcery?!?!
  7. Working hard and having alot of good friends makes a realy good business and PThagaard's order was soo big i tryed to smelt it faster cause im no slow motion guy :D