Smp9 Smelting Center New!

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  1. So im making a thing thats called the smelting center its where you can smelt items for money but dont worry about the prices they are cheap and the coal is supplyed! Its in /v 18280 so come and smelt but this only works when im on so if i get offline when your items are in then il return them to a specaily made chest in your res but youl have to tell me your name and real name so i dont be confused and not give your items to a other human or animal :) .

    8 Item Smelting 2r
    16 Item Smelting 4r
    32 Item Smelting 8r
    48 item smelting 10r
    64 [stack] smelting 13r

    There will be a file after some time where will be more prices!
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  2. I like this idea! But I don't think I am going to use it because than I will need to use my vault (another 20r)
  3. I like taht you are supporting people and doing good things like making comments wich realy help and now il send u a special cupon so you can smely 2 stacks of items for free!
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  4. I would like to have 200 stacks smelted.

    i'll pay you 80r extra for picking up the items and delivering it back, smelted, on SMP1.
  5. 200 Stacks?! Umm they might be smelted in 3 days ok?
  6. Thay would cost 2600r and with the deliveries it will cost 2680r. In 3 days or even more cause that is alot
  7. This sounds cool if I lived on your server and didn't have so many furnaces my self I would totally use this facility! GreatIdea!
  8. What a great idea! I might use this service sometime :)
  9. Thanks i realy appreciate this comment!
  10. Thanks i have totaly alot of furnaces so now i have a challenge i have to smelt 200 stacks of items and please donate coal like a stack for 30r please donate! My coal runs out fast but i can get more but 200 stacks ar realy much for me!
  11. Im ready for your challenges folks!
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  12. wait for 1.3 than you can use lava buckets and get the bucket back ;) that's 100 used at once :p
  13. Now im working with coal cause its the main thing i have so i calculated thet i can melt a stack for not so much coal!
  14. Man il go for ur items now ok?
  15. haha lava is better in 1.3 for you so you don't need to get coal just go to nether
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  16. thx for the idea
  17. no problem ;)
  18. Use blaze rods, they are in abundance because of peoples grinders and I'm sure no one is able to get rid of them. Plus they cook longer than coal.
  19. how long?
  20. They last 120 sec longer than any other fuel source short of lava. And while coal can smelt 8 items, rods smelt 12. Can't remember where I got the 8 to 12 so don't quote me on that.