SMP9 Pyramids

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  1. As anyone who was been to the spawn of SMP9 knows all too well, there are pyramids everywhere surrounding spawn. Not really sure who started it or when, but it's kind of out of control at this point. All 4 reses adjacent to spawn are pyramids, and 6 out of 8 surrounding spawn are pyramids. While it's great that everyone wants to show off their incredible mineral wealth by making a 60x60 pyramid of diamond, gold, iron, emerald, or lapis, after a while it just gets old to look at. I remember when the reses around spawn had crazy, awesome creations on them. The whole point of having a spawn residence was that you could show off your building skills, and honestly, pyramids are one of the blandest things possible to build. Anyone can do it, so it's not special. While I'm not advocating a hostile takeover of all the reses near spawn, I'd just like to voice my opinion. Any thoughts on this are welcome.
  2. I completely agree of all the things you can make in minecraft, smp9 is addicted to these boring blobs. This geico commercial has footage of the first person making their res next to spawn on smp9:
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  3. I think the point of the pyramids is that it makes smp9 unique. While it may not show of building skill, I think it brings a sense of community to smp9, because everyone knows them as the server addicted to ridiculously expensive pyramids.
  4. Apparantly not everyone.
  5. I said everyone knows, not everyone likes them. And if it makes you feel better, **most people**
  6. Smp9 tradition :p I agree that there are alot more fun things to build that are unique and look better, but it does give us a name for ourselves. We are, the pyramid server!
  7. My idea:
    Make the pyramids have amazing builds inside them!
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  8. hmm...
    I agree with iron man above.
    But I also feel that it shows wealth and determination, similar to the attitude of people on 9.
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  9. I think determination would be better expressed in a more original building. Pyramids are incredibly easy to build once all the materials are collected.
    Yeah, but pyramids aren't very space efficient, and builds inside them might have to be pyramid shaped as such.
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  10. Whats outside can be completely different to the inside. It can still be very practical. Still, some think tradition comes over practicality ;)
  11. But what is the tradition? As near as I can tell, Dwight built a pyramid and everyone was like "Hey, pyramids!"
  12. The tradition is exactly that, sir ;) Some agree, some do not, it will always be that way, there are arguments for both sides and there always will be :p
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  13. Meh.
  14. You forgot the pyramids someone created on the town spawn! XD
    Anyway, you should check out the inside of some of those pyramids. The diamond one has a great 3D maze inside, and the gold one has an amazing public autofarm complex within. The iron one has a strange maze only used during maze events, though I have never been in there myself. :)
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  15. If people feel like building pyramids, why not.
  16. Thank you.. At least I'm not alone!
  17. Hey.... I just built mine.... Is this because of me :D
  18. *raises hand and Deaths & Bigdavies. We 3 started the trend because why not make them. Getting the gold and iron blocks are easy for death and I. Also no one is telling to look at them if don't like them then go to /wild or another player res. staff isn't going step in and say " Yea guys stop building pyramids because some deem it lame or not unique." Its there res they choosed to build a pyramid. Also to remind you go look at other reses of the players who have smp9 spawn res. most of them are top notch or very diverse res's. Complaining about it isn't going get you nowhere on both sides so let it be.
  19. not like there isnt 9 other servers with spawn reses you can go look at instead :)
  20. I'm not at all trying to stop people from building pyramids. I specifically said in the OP that I wasn't trying to get staff to force people not to build pyramids near spawn, I'm more wondering how it started and grew so big, which you have just answered. Thanks.