Smp9 Public Stone Gen

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  1. I bring to smp9 the free to use stone gen

    simply go to 18800 with a trusty pick and have at it

    Enjoy all

    List of materials used
    -2 Sticky Pistions
    -650 Pistions
    -4800 building blocks ( I used stone slab to keep my build clean)
    -136 obsidian
    -1200 Furnace ( Can not be broken with out container flag keeps griefers out)
    -150 Buckets of lava
    -700 Water Source (2 buckets to make inf water)
    -300 Redstone Torch
    -700 Redstone Dust
    -400 Redstone Repeaters
    -10000 Rupees to have town road modified ( Another 240 Redstone dust 30 Repeaters, 240 -Stone Pressure plates)
    -60x32x10 area dug out (used 4x UB3 EFF4 Diamond shovels) and 1-2 hours of dig time. we took our time doing this part

    -time invested in figuring this out from scratch 48 hours give or take a few. I do all this by out with out any mods or guides.

    -Build time 4-6 hours is the area is pre dug

    I Would like to Thank Maxarias (helped with the reclaim of the new location of the stone gen), Bigdavie ( for the time he took to modify the Town road ) Origamijoe and Wildkblonde (for the Digging and laying of Furances). Last but not least QueenDiva1 for the Donations of some materials
  2. Been working on it some more and is now 5 times faster Enjoy !
  3. The stone gen is in it's final form converted over to a dual cell smooth stone gen .

  4. The people must know abou this

    Mush like Randomzh's stone gen on 9, but mine is a little bit larger

    We are also working on a 2nd new style stone gen on the back half of the res

    What does this mean?

    Not only 1 but 2 free to use public smooth stone gens on smp9!
  5. Thats nice of you :D *STONE 4 ALL!*
  6. took a ore buster with eff6 and haste 2 from beacon at the gen and didnt stop once but to empty my bags, this thing is a beast !
  7. Most people need cobble! (some are afraid of the wild unless with their friends) So this is nice!
  8. This is a great idea! And with haste 2 that you have it's AWESOME!
  9. Heads up to every one The stone gen and my 3rd res have been moved

    Tp res is now 18800 on smp9. you spawn facing the res with the stone gen , bring you eff 5 picks!
  10. Couldn't others grief your res?
  11. Wait a minute! The titles says STONE gen, but in the post you say cobble. So misleading..
  12. Deathtomb has taken some precautions against griefers.
    The generator makes stone but once you mine it you end up with cobblestone (unless you use silk touch).
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  13. Well I feel stupid. :p
  14. Your query was valid. There is a difference between a stone generator and a cobble generator. Even if you only want cobble it is better to use a stone generator as stone is mined quicker than cobble.
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  15. It started as a cobble gen but i upgraded and forgot to "edit" op
  16. Love the gen, got a DC in about 5 minutes.

    Now I have a question, will you be building these for people for $$$?
  17. If people one small private ones i could. that something ill have to get a list made up of stuff need and price i guess.

    But i mean mine is 46x9 and haste 2 i have seen 4 people go at it and it stay full. so unless some one really wants one i would say save your rupees and use the public one lol
  18. and a 2nd one is being built on the other side for even more use !
  19. how does he take precautions against griefers?
  20. By doing the following things:
    -Removing movement permission on the residence so people can not break the machine itself
    -Only allowing destroy permission on the residence
    -Using furnaces as a protective layer since you need the container flag to break them