Smp9 Hotel!!

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Do you like HORSEHS?!

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  1. Herro Everyone!!! Mer name is cocobuttered, and I'm opening up a hotel! :p Currently it's under construction, all I have done is the dirt part (LOL) so yeah. Once it's started I'll post pics and edit this for rent, room space, etc. ---------Soz everybody, rooms are officially up for rent! The hotel's not done yet but the first floor's complete, all that's left is decorating :p ---------Price Chart: *1 room no customization: 10r a month (irl days) * 1 room customization: 25r a month (irl days) !Please note that rooms cannot be expanded, although you can buy more than one room for the amount of rupees times that. Example: 2 rooms, customization would be 50r a month.!
  2. Nice! Update us on your progress
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  3. Sorry for the slow updates, I've been working hard, and having a siggy done :p The hotel's not done yet but some rooms are up for rent! The rooms have nothing in them but a bed, but post/pm me to work out a time you can come and customize it =3
  4. (Deleted all updates, taking up too much space :p)