Hot Cocoa Hotel

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  1. Hot Cocoa Hotel
    The Hot Cocoa Hotel (HCH) is opening for business very soon! An acacia, sandstone, and stone brick hotel on a layer of yours truly, cocobutterd's residence! Customers can find comfort in the 6x8 rooms, which are all furnished with a unique finish. Prefer paintings and space? Or maybe a sofa and canopy bed? All of which are available for rent at the HCH!
    P r i c e s
    A room can be rented for 10 rupees a day.

    For 25 rupees, a room can be custom furnished by the renter. (Warning: Once room is un-rented, furnishings will be put back to the original!)
    For 15 rupees, receive room service and a to-your-room ordering service.

    The Hot Cocoa Hotel is still a W.I.P (Work In Progress), and this page will be updated according to the hotel's current status. So make sure you bookmark this thread!

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  2. Very Unique!
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  3. Cool! :D
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